20 Ways Cats Are Not At All Like People

We all know that cats are not like people. But did you know that there are at least 20 distinct ways in which they differ? From their dietary habits to the way they communicate, cats are nothing like us. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most salient differences between the two species. So if you’re a cat lover, be sure to read on! If, on the other hand, you’re more of a dog person, well, you might learn something…

by Jeanne Lindsey

for Assorted Ideas, Large & Small

white and black long fur cat
Photo by umit ozbek on Pexels.com

How Cats Are Not Like People: The List

1. Cats do not hate the doorbell unless a stranger is on the other end of it.

2. Cats do not worry about what happened at work today.

3. A cat’s purr does not indicate anger or stress, but contentment and happiness.

4. Cats cannot be trusted with regard to your new boots.

5. Cats do not get excited when you bring home the new leash for their dog friend.

6. Cats only expect people to put in an honest day’s work if they are getting paid enough for it.

7. A cat would never pretend that he is too sick to go out into the rain.

8. A cat expects you to drag your butt out of bed after 7 a.m., even on the weekend, especially if he has been up since 6:30.

9. Cats do not care that football is on television tonight and would rather play with a ball of yarn or some other toy that costs nothing to produce.

10. A cat does not judge you for eating the last bit of his favorite food out of the bag he bought it in.

11. Cats understand that taking care of a plant is your job, not theirs.

12. Cats never reconcile multiple conflicting thoughts or beliefs by saying, “Whatever.”

13. A cat would not eat your leftover pizza even if you left it on the coffee table while you were watching football.

14. A cat would never drink out of the kitchen sink, no matter how hot the water is.

15. Cats do not care what your favorite color is unless they want to leave a present on your pillow for you.

16. Cats do not wonder what the weather will be like when they get out of bed from a long winter nap.

17. Cats do not notice if you have been gaining weight lately, even if it’s in the stomach region.

18. A cat never “forgets” to tell you about an important life event… because he doesn’t assume you are interested.

19. A cat does not watch the Olympics just to see if there are any events that he might be able to win someday.

20. Cats use their claws to rip out your favorite book or mess up your couch cushions so you can’t sit on them anymore.


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