25 Signs That You Are Living Your Purpose in Life

Are you living a life that is true to your purpose? Here are some signs that you may be on the right track:

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In brief…

You feel excited and inspired when you think about your life purpose. You feel passionate about your work and what you’re doing in the world. Moreover, you are constantly learning and growing, both mentally and spiritually. You feel connected to something bigger than yourself, and you have a strong sense of meaning and purpose in your life. You feel happy and fulfilled most of the time.

by David Stone

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Details: 25 signs that you are living your purpose in life…

           If you are wondering if there is some greater significance in your life, certain signs will let you know that you are certainly on the way to living your purpose.

     1. A sense of deep satisfaction and contentment.           

When living our lives according to divine purpose, we feel a deeper connection with the world around us and a profound sense of satisfaction and contentment that can only arise from being on the right path.

     2. A new feeling of security.           

When we have a higher understanding of what our lives are all about, we gain a new sense of security in ourselves – for this is often someone else’s purpose, not ours at least until now. We begin to have a more grounded, solid sense of being in the world, which arises in part from our new sense of connection with others.

     3. Reaching out to others for support and guidance.           

When we are on the right track towards living our true purpose, we are able to draw deep on inner resources when times get tough – resources that help us see the bigger picture. We are able to reach out more easily to others for support, love and understanding when we need it most.

     4. A closer relationship with your inner self.           

When you are living your life purpose, there is a deepening connection between yourself and your true being, which transcends the ego completely. This is true enlightenment, and it brings with it a deep sense of balance and harmony – not only to your life but to every area of your being including work, family, friends and health.

     5. A healthy perspective on life’s upsets.           

We all inevitably experience disappointments in life, but those who are living their purpose know how to deal with them in a healthy way. They don’t run from the upsets as they arise and occupy every corner of our lives; instead, they take positive action and find inner strength through self-understanding.

     6. New interests and skills that lead you to success.              

Once you are on your purpose, new interests and skills will begin to present themselves. These won’t only be beneficial in your personal life, but at work too where they will lead to success, advancement and recognition.

     7. An awareness of the “now.”           

It’s difficult to feel connected with your purpose if all your time is spent indulging in what once was or longing for “what might’ve been” – instead, living your purpose means being connected to the present moment of now.

     8. A sense of lightheartedness and ease with life.           

For those who are unconnected with their true purposes, there’s often a sense of heaviness and darkness in their lives – but not for those who are living their purpose. They experience a deep sense of lightheartedness, ease and awareness that only comes from living in alignment with divine wisdom.

     9. Awareness of receiving help along the way.           

There will be times when you feel like you’re alone on your journey towards living your purpose – and you’ll also experience times when it seems like the universe is conspiring to help you along. This doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days once in a while, but overall, living your purpose means feeling supported by something greater than yourself.

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     10. Awareness that life is full of challenges and opportunities for growth.           

When you are living out your purpose, you take every opportunity to grow and learn something new. From the smallest of challenges to the biggest milestones in life, this is a person who doesn’t turn away from things that test their character or distract them from being fully present.

     11. A desire to leave an impact on other people’s lives.           

When we live our true purpose, we want to leave a mark on this world and those who come after us. We want to make a lasting impression that improves the lives of others.  

     12. An increased sense of self-esteem.           

When we are living our purpose, there is an overall increase in self-esteem and confidence that comes along with it. We understand who were are, what we can do and how to solve problems effectively – this gives users the quality of life for others and brings them closer to their sense of self-fulfillment.

     13. An open mind to new experiences.           

When you are living your purpose, your mind is open to new experiences and ideas that help push yourself forward in life – whether at work or with friends. This also means that you’re willing to take more risks than you did before, which all leads up to the overall quality of life for others.

     14. An ability to see the bigger picture.           

Those who live their purpose have a strong sense of vision and intuition that allows them to see beyond what’s going on in the present moment – it takes you out of your egoic self-obsession and connects you with all things at all times.

     15. A stronger connection to your body and health.           

Those who live their purpose pay attention to their physical well-being – they don’t neglect it or take it for granted. When things aren’t going so well, they look inward rather than self-medicating with unhealthy food choices and behaviors.

     16. An increased sense of joy and optimism.           

When you’re living your purpose, you see life as a gift and don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in self-pity – the present moment is an opportunity to give something back to those around you, which brings about a renewed sense of joy and optimism.

     17. A strong work ethic.           

Living your purpose means being able to meet new challenges head-on – you don’t give up easily and have a strong work ethic that helps keep the fires going even on the worst of days. This also includes striving to make a difference in your work environment and having a genuine love for what you do.

     18. A heightened sense of intuition.           

When we are living our purpose, we have developed the ability to tap into that greater force that exists within us all – this is often called your “gut feeling” or “intuition” and helps guide you along life’s path more effectively.

     19. A sense of passion that leads to taking action.           

Those who are living their purpose don’t sit on the sidelines for long – they have a sense of passion that leads them to take action, especially where it matters most. This also means that you don’t shy away from difficult choices and challenges along the way.

     20. An ability to find meaning in all situations.           

When we live our true purpose, we see the meaning and lessons within even the most challenging of experiences – how can we grow and learn from this so we can become better people in the future? This also helps you to see your role in a wider context – how can you help those around you by sharing your experiences and lessons along the way?

     21. A willingness to take calculated risks.           

Those who live their purpose recognize that life is full of risks and challenges to overcome – this allows them to go after their dreams with courage, even when there are obstacles along the way. This helps you build your sense of self-worth and develop an inner resilience that can help get you through anything life throws at you.

     22. A strong belief in yourself and others.           

Those who live their purpose have a strong belief in themselves and others – they know that we’re all interconnected at some level, even if on the surface we may seem different to one another. This means you see everyone as deserving of love and respect no matter what the circumstances of life may be.

     23. A willingness to stand up for what you believe in.           

Those who live their purpose recognize that there’s a bigger picture at play and that we all have a role to play – this helps us take action when we see things going wrong and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo if it means things can improve for everyone. This also includes standing up for those who are unable to do so themselves – the underdog, if you will!


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