5 Really Stupid Reasons To Love New York City

Some people think that there are no valid reasons to love New York City. They might say that the only reason to love it is that you’re too lazy or stupid to live anywhere else. But I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of really stupid reasons to love this amazing place.

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to visit or even move here, maybe these five reasons will help you sort it out.

By Sammy Lamb

Assorted Ideas Large & Small, special to The Roosevelt Island Daily News

1. The pizza is unbeatable.

pizza neon light signage
Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

There are some great pizzerias in New York City, but there are also some terrible ones. In general, the pizza in NYC is just okay. It’s not the best in the country, and it’s not worth flying to the city for. If you’re looking for a flight-worthy pizza destination, that would be Naples.

In Naples, it’s so perfect, dough through sauce, you roll it up and it like a sort of sandwich. Domestically, the best I’ve had was at Vito’s in San Francisco, enjoyed while little cable cars went halfway to the stars outside.

Worst ever? Washington, D.C. Mall. Famished after a Smithsonian-filled day, we bought some quick slices at a food truck – which served them on waxed paper. And yes, the wax melted right into them. No idea how that tradition got started.

But the pizza is still not a smart reason to love New York City.

2. There’s always something to do.

While it’s true that there are a lot of things to do in New York City, that doesn’t mean they’re all worth doing. A lot of the activities in NYC can be pretty touristy and overrated. The price for most museums would be enough to pay for an average family’s weekly grocery tab.

And don’t even think about the Mets, Rangers, or Yankees. It’s a case of, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

When building my first career, I asked a friend who grew up in Brooklyn if it was possible to live in New York on a salary I was offered for relocating.

“Sure,” he said, “but the problem is, there’s always something to do.” And then, you couldn’t afford it anymore.

3. To love New York City because the energy is unbeatable.

42nd Street Subway.

Yes, New York City has a lot of energy, but sometimes, that energy is kind of annoying. The number of people and the sounds in the city can really get under your skin, and that says nothing about how dirty it is.

In a recent article from The New York Times, the writer compared walking to the subway to playing around on a farm of chickens. In some ways, that’s true. I had to wait for a train to go to the airport one time and ended up eating dirt to kill some time.

4. It’s full of iconic landmarks.

New York City has its share of iconic landmarks, but not as many as you think. And some are pretty overrated in terms of looks and uniqueness. Sure there’s a tall building on every block in Manhattan, but they don’t fair well with other world cities around the world. So, not worth making the trek unless you love New York City so much you can’t imagine a vacation elsewhere.

4. The skyline is gorgeous.

If there’s one thing that NYC has that no other place can offer, it’s skyline views from many different angles, mostly from the water or across it.

New York City skyline, Chelsea.

You might have to pay to see the skyline from a boat tour, but don’t confuse it with the buildings. The buildings are just kind of okay. It’s a really expensive city to live in, but there aren’t many gold-gilded spires down here. And seeing the skyline from within is not as thrilling as you might think.

5. There’s so much culture to soak in.

This is probably my favorite reason to love New York City – it’s full of possibilities, opportunities for mixing and mingling with people from all over the world.


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