A Lonely Kitten Sneaks Into the Ballet Class

This original piece of cute cat art, Ballet Class Visitor, is 8 x 8 inches and is available- matted or un-matted. If matted, the mat is white with a sturdy backboard.

from Deborah Julian Art

Cute Cat Art: A Degas Parody

Cute Cat Art: The Ballet Class Visitor

The print is signed by me under the image, on the white border of the print. It is printed on Hahnemuhle rag paper on my 8 color Epson printer which produces an excellent quality print. Each print comes in a protective plastic sleeve. Available right now on Etsy.

This is a parody of one of Edgar Degas’s ballet pastels. Ballerinas stretch at the bar while the little tiger cat waits to play. He dragged along his own ribbon. Great, artistic gift for cat lovers.

About Edgar Degas’s Ballet Pastels

Edgar Degas’s ballet pastel paintings are some of the most beautiful and intriguing works of art ever created. The Ballet was one of Degas’s great passions in life, and he was fascinated by the grace and athleticism of the dancers.

His ballet pastels capture the dancers in action, frozen in time like a photograph. The colors are soft and dreamlike, and the compositions are incredibly elegant. Every aspect of the paintings is carefully considered, from the placement of the dancers to the folds of their costumes. Degas’s ballet pastels are truly masterpieces, and they provide a glimpse into the artist’s obsession with this fascinating subject.

About Deborah Julian’s Cute Cat Art


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