(Ms Seawright seen below talking with Governor Hochul at the November 9 Women In Service Veterans Day Tribute in Central Park)

about selecting new RIOC Board members and is seeking Roosevelt Island residents to recommend to Governor Hochul for nomination.

During the December 10 ribbon cutting and grand opening of the Girl Puzzle Nelly Bly monument at Lighthouse Park, Ms Seawright asked if there were any Roosevelt Island residents interested in serving on the RIOC Board Of Directors.

RIOC Directors are volunteers, receive no pay and must go through a NY State vetting process. 

In 2017, former RIOC Director Margie Smith (who was an excellent RIOC Director) explains what a RIOC Director does and why it’s important that RIOC Directors are Roosevelt Island residents, namely in terms of setting budget and land use priorities. In theory, RIOC Directors are supposed to provide oversight and set policy for the RIOC staff.

There are currently 2 vacant RIOC Board seats and 1 board seat held by a former resident who moved away yet refuses to resign from the RIOC Board.

As far as I know, there are no plans to hold a Roosevelt Island community election for nominee recommendations for the RIOC Board.


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