Beautiful Day For A Stroll In The Roosevelt Island Community Garden, Come Along

Today was a beautiful day for an afternoon stroll through the Roosevelt Island Community Garden. Come along.

According to the Roosevelt Island Garden Club:


The Roosevelt Island Garden Club Community Garden is located on Roosevelt Island in New York City between the Octagon soccer field and the Pony baseball field. The south garden entrance is across from the Fire Department at 750 Main St. Roosevelt Island Garden Club, Inc. is a leaseholder of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and subject to the laws of NY City and NY State…. 

… RIGC members and associates work together as volunteers gardening side by side in this 132 plot community space. Members also work together as volunteers on all administration, maintenance, and upkeep of this beautiful space for our Roosevelt Island community. The gardens are open to the public on weekends from April 15 through October 15.

More info on the Roosevelt Island Community Garden here.


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