Celebrate National Learn About Compost Day Saturday May 29 At Roosevelt Island Haki Collective Food Scrap Drop Off Site With Live Musical Performance From Nate & Hila Dressed As Banana Peel And Apple Core

The Roosevelt Island Haki Compost Collective report:

Celebrate “National Learn About Composting Day” this Saturday, May 29 with a live musical performance from @NateandHila. The duo will perform their single “Compost (feat. DiorNoel [@greenfeen])”—which breaks down how we can recycle our organic waste, and why it’s so important for the future of our communities and our planet—and other family-friendly songs! 

Live: Nate & Hila 

Date: Sat, May 29 

Time: 12pm  

Location: Roosevelt Island’s food scrap drop-off site (alongside the farmers market, in front of Rivercross at 531 Main St)  

The performance is free, open to the public, and appropriate for all ages. No tickets necessary.

Take this virtual tour of the Big Reuse Queensbridge Compost Processing site and see how your Roosevelt Island Food scraps become compost. As previously reported, the Queensbridge Compost Processing Site is in danger of being evicted at the end of June by NYC Parks Department.


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