COVID NY Update: State-run vaccination sites go 24/7 as Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrives

NEW YORK (WABC) — It’s another major step forward in the war on the coronavirus today in New York City, with arrival of the initial supply of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Much of New York state’s allotment is headed to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

As a result, the state-run site will now operate 24 hours a day, administering the J&J single-dose shot in the overnight hours starting tonight.

The state-run Javits Center in Manhattan is also going to 24-hour operations starting Friday night.

Javits is already administering 8,000 shots every day, even before the arrival of the J&J vaccine.

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That number does come with a bit of controversy.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said many of those appointments are going to the wrong people, citing data showing 42% of all the vaccine at Javits is going to non-city residents.

“The state, the governor, have continually preferred these mega-sites over community based sites” de Blasio said. “I’ve said clearly that is exacerbating the disparity problem. I’m fine with any effort that helps vaccinate everyone in the Tri-State area. But I want to be honest about what’s happening here. The state has not made the kind of focus on addressing disparities.”

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Meantime the city is opening another of its own mega-sites today.

The city-run vaccination site at Co-op City in the Bronx opens at 8 a.m.

In addition to co-op residents, the site will also be accessible to other residents of the northeast Bronx, including like Edenwald and Wakefield.

Regarding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, New York City expects to receive its own supply of the new vaccine today.

The city will direct most of the first 70,000 doses to homebound seniors and others with lack of mobility.

“We really want to steer away from this notion that getting one brand of vaccine is going to be demonstrably different than getting another brand of vaccines,” said Dr. Jay Varma. “I would really hope that the story would be about, you know, 24-hour access at the Javits Center as opposed to if you come at this time you’re getting this brand versus another time you’re getting another.”

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