“Dear New York” TV Program This Weekend Features Roosevelt Island Residents And Tango Artists Leonardo & Olga Suarez-Paz Bringing Attention To Raise Funds For Underserved New Yorkers Who Have Been Affected By Covid 19 Pandemic

Leonardo Suarez Paz and Olga Suarez Paz are Roosevelt Island residents and

Leonardo is the Artistic Director and Olga the Executive Director of
PIAZZOLLA 100 Festival:

… an interdisciplinary performing arts project that showcases a
groundbreaking new style, which draws on the common roots of Tango, Jazz and
Classical Music, as shaped by the culture of African and European migration
to the new world. Celebrating the centennial of Leonardo
Suarez Paz’s mentor and family friend, Astor Piazzolla, who was born in Mar
de Plata, Argentina in 1921 and grew up in New York City,  the project
honors the legacy of this revolutionary composer by demonstrating the genre
as a complex, evolving art form, while challenging  artistic
and sociocultural constructs.

Our mission is to further the genre of Nuevo Tango by elevating its artistic standards
through live performances, recordings, publications and education, by
demonstrating its evolution as an entire culture through every form of
expression – music, dance, interdisciplinary work, visual art, literature
and cinema. We celebrate Latin, African and European cultural
heritages, the contributions of immigrants  and women to the genre,
while relating its history to Buenos Aires and New York City and affording
an opportunity for artists across generations, cultures, genres and
disciplines to create new work and express through a renewed artistic idiom
of cultural unity and inclusion….

According to this September 2 press release from Piazzolla 100:


John A. Reisenbach Foundation

(JAR), will broadcast
a new installment of “Dear New York,

on the four major NY broadcast network affiliates over Labor Day weekend to
bring attention to and raise funds for underserved New Yorkers who have been
affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Standup comedian, actor, singer, and lifelong New Yorker, Robert Klein
narrates the television special which showcases four JAR grantee
organizations, including the New York Foundation for the Arts with sponsored
artists and directors of the
PIAZZOLLA 100 Festival
in New York, Leonardo Suarez-Paz & Olga Suarez-Paz. 


Other grantees include EMS FDNY Help Fund, Harlem Girls Cheer, and John Jay
  Dear New York” can be viewed on Saturday, September 4 at 12:00 pm ET on WNBC
and 7:00 pm ET on CBS2, and Sunday, September 5 at 5:30 pm ET on
and 6:30 pm ET on FOX

“Artists and immigrants are vital to the culture and the economy of New
York City. We are grateful for the support we’ve received and we are giving
back by creating free, multidisciplinary arts programming in New York that
builds community and supports dozens of artists. My hope is that New York
will once again be a mecca for the arts,” explains composer, violinist,
vocalist, and choreographer Leonardo Suarez-Paz.

Leonardo & Olg Suarez-Paz, are Roosevelt Island residents who focus
their projects on cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaboration. This
fall they will present multiple performances and educational programs
on the island in collaboration with
 FDR 4 Freedoms Park and RIOC

For more information on Leonardo Suarez Paz’s PIAZZOLLA 100 event on RI go
to: www.piazzolla100.com

According to JAR:

The John A. Reisenbach Dear New York television special is back! New York is coming back!

Watch Dear New York:

WNBC 4: Saturday, September 4 at 12:00pm EST

CBS2: Saturday, September 4 at 7:00pm EST

WABC 7: Sunday, September 5 at 5:30pm EST

FOX5: Sunday, September 5 at 6:30pm EST

New York is a 30 minute televised fundraising and digital campaign
airing on Labor Day weekend across local New York City network
affiliates. Dear New York will tell the narrative of New York City’s
resilience, recovery, and rebirth, as the tide is finally turning, 15+
months into a global pandemic. The once epicenter of COVID-19 is seeing
economic recovery; businesses are back, restaurants are operating at
full capacity, hotels are booked, tourism is alive, live events are
returning, the housing market is off the charts, school buildings will
welcome students in the fall. New York is here, New York is here to

Watch Dear New York and hear uplifting stories from New Yorkers — all grant recipients
— all a part of the JAR family – all working towards a better and
safer city.  We have overcome adversity, together; let’s celebrate,
together, by supporting our fellow New Yorkers.

Click here to donate.

Meet Leonardo Suarez Paz.

and watch this 2020 PIAZZOLLA 100 performance

at FDR 4 Freedoms Park.


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