NY Post reported January 8:

… Dragan Micic, 48, and wife Lidija Bubanja are suing Rivercross Terrace and
others for negligence, claiming no one told them when they bought their home
at 531 Main St. that the transformer was on the other side of their bedroom

According to a lawsuit filed January 6, 2022 in NY State Supreme Court by
former Rivercross Co-op owners Dragan Micic and Lidija Bubanja:

1- This is an action for misrepresentation, negligence, nuisance, breach of
the warranty of habitability, loss of consortium and punitive damages
arising out of the presence of an electric transformer, which emitted
dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, in a transformer room located
directly adjacent to and sharing a common wall with Plaintiffs’ bedroom in
their residential cooperative apartment, number or unit 911, located at 531
Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York. The existence of the transformer
was undisclosed to the Plaintiffs when they purchased and eventually moved
into the unit on or about May 31, 2019. For the next 17 months, Plaintiffs
slept less than one foot away from the transformer and their upper bodies,
more specifically their heads and necks were exposed for 6 to 10 hours a day
to levels of radiation that exceeded recommended standards. Despite
Plaintiffs’ repeated complaints, Defendants did nothing to effectively
remediate the situation and allowed the dangerous exposure to continue

2- As a result of this sustained exposure, Micic developed a tumor in his
nasal passage and ocular region within his skull, which was diagnosed in
August 2020 as an aggressive form of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. This is a
rare form of cancer caused by exposure to radiation and other environmental
toxic substances. Such type of tumor is normally slow to develop. However,
in this instance, due to the constant daily exposure to excessive amounts of
EMF radiation to Micic’s head and neck, the growth of the tumor was
accelerated. In addition, Micic and his wife Bubanja also suffered
persistent headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia caused by the exposure.

… 5 – On the advice of Micic’s treating surgeon, Plaintiffs moved out and
eventually sold in July 21, 2021, at an overall financial loss, their
Apartment at 531 Main Street in the middle of the pandemic induced dip in
the New York City housing market. They incurred moving and other related
expenses as a result of this move.

Below is the full Complaint.

I asked the Rivercross Board for comment yesterday. They declined at the time
but sources tell me a statement is coming soon from the Rivercross Board,
possibly later today.

What do some Rivercross residents think? According to one:

If true it’s going to be a real problem and it’s really scary.

and a second:

… this will raise some concerns for a small number of shareholders, who have
had — or have — cancer or related illnesses & reside near the Transformer

The lawsuit does not say if the new buyers of the apartment were informed
about the electric transformer.

Stay tuned.


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