Hippie living: Peace, love and expanded consciousness

We are all very different in our unique ways. As hippies, we need to be proud of who we are and live our lives as happy free spirits! What does this mean for you? It’s about being true to yourself and having that inner peace.

by David Stone

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What’s it mean to be happy as a hippie?

A hippie is a person who leads a free life and is committed to peace, love, and expanded consciousness. He or she prefers being in nature and doing some form of creative work.

The essentials of a happy hippie are love of nature, passion for peace and a desire to expand consciousness. The free-living lifestyle also helps. Hippies typically reject traditional materialistic values and promote love and unity among all people through music or another type of art form.

Hippies strive to keep themselves healthy and have a balanced lifestyle. That includes preparations for the future, intellectual activities and spending time in nature.

Staying healthy

Keeping oneself healthy is a major concern of a hippie. They don’t believe in taking pharmaceutical drugs unless necessary. If ill or needing a doctor, their primary choice is alternative therapies like herbal medicine or homeopathy.

Hippies don’t normally eat meat and they believe in eating organic foods that are grown naturally, not ones that have been genetically modified. Eating healthy is a major part of their lives and many hippies grow food organically to support this lifestyle. Some even live off the land by becoming farmers. Living off the land has advantages such as greater freedom and getting to live near nature.

Other methods of healthy living are fasting, yoga, meditation, proper exercise routines and breathing exercises. Hippies don’t smoke or do drugs unless they can be considered natural like marijuana or hallucinogens like peyote or mushrooms. Even then this is done in moderation.

A happy hippie is a creative hippie

Another important part of a hippie’s life is engaging in some creative activity. Many create music or art as a form of communication expressing their ideas and thoughts on a particular topic. This helps them to connect with other people and heal the environment together. Being around nature is one way to help expand their consciousness by being aware of everything that exists within it.

Hippies typically live an alternative lifestyle with very little focus on materialism or acquiring things for status purposes. They carry out most of their activities in the present moment and strive to be happy with what they already have. This allows them to let go of having certain expectations for themselves and others which helps to create inner peace within themselves.

Balance through growing

At the end of the day, the key to being happy as a hippie is finding balance in all areas of one’s life. Whether it’s enjoying nature, spending time with friends and family or engaging in creative activity, doing these things will help bring peace and happiness into your life no matter what else you may be doing.

Remember that being a hippie is not just about rejecting the traditional lifestyle, it’s also about expanding consciousness. The peace and love that you feel when you are around other people are what differentiates you from someone who is simply rebelling against society for selfish reasons.

Hippies reject materialistic values of what society has told them is important because they want to live a life of freedom. They know that there is more to life than what you can buy and material objects, and this is why they can be happy in the present moment.

It may seem easy for some people to reject society but it takes true courage and strength which comes from within yourself if you choose this lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you have to stay away from society altogether but when you do choose to engage in it, be confident in your beliefs and who you are no matter what others may say.


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