How the Lighthouse Park Redesign Promises a Greener Future

Lighthouse Park redesign took a step forward Wednesday evening in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Residents teamed up to plot directions as the park grows.

By David Stone

Special to the Roosevelt Island Daily News

Work groups led by Stanec moderators hosted young and old in a local meeting of minds.

The future of Lighthouse Park took shape inside the historic chapel anchoring Main Street. Past and future merged under aged wooden beams. Stanec, an acclaimed designer engaged by RIOC, organized the session.

About 50 Roosevelt Islanders of all ages braved a chilly winter evening, adding ideas and passion. Before turning the program over to Stanec’s Amy Seek, RIOC assistant VP Jonna Carmona-Graf offered an overview of the State’s interest.

After FIGMENT NYC drew crowds to Lighthouse Park, last June, interest in making better use of Coler’s abandoned and littered parking lot along the East Promenade spiked.

Better use was both desirable and possible, giving Roosevelt Island a more attractive face.

Quickly, RIOC pulled together a rough plan. $11 million in financing was also needed to fuel action. They found that, too, although Carmona-Graf did not go into details.

Making it real: Lighthouse Park Redesign.

Seven acres of green space where mostly rubble now collects debris. That’s the vision. The question: how to fill that space?

Stanec came prepared with some ideas.

Lighthouse Park Redesign: Playgrounds
New playgrounds for local kids feature many interests.

Suggestions for the park’s redesign were for inspiration only. Picking the best fit for the Lighthouse Park redesign is, so far, left to resident input.

Ideas for active programs…


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