Local Artists Of Piazzolla 100 Invite You To Cuartetango String Quartet & Dance At Good Shepherd Chapel And Paint The Music At Southpoint Park For Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival Saturday September 25


Leonardo Suarez Paz and Olga Suarez Paz are Roosevelt Island residents and

Leonardo is the Artistic Director and Olga the Executive Director of
PIAZZOLLA 100 Festival:

… an interdisciplinary performing arts project that showcases a
groundbreaking new style, which draws on the common roots of Tango, Jazz and
Classical Music, as shaped by the culture of African and European migration
to the new world. Celebrating the centennial of Leonardo
Suarez Paz’s mentor and family friend, Astor Piazzolla, who was born in Mar
de Plata, Argentina in 1921 and grew up in New York City,  the project
honors the legacy of this revolutionary composer by demonstrating the genre
as a complex, evolving art form, while challenging  artistic
and sociocultural constructs.

Our mission is to further the genre of Nuevo Tango by elevating its artistic standards
through live performances, recordings, publications and education, by
demonstrating its evolution as an entire culture through every form of
expression – music, dance, interdisciplinary work, visual art, literature
and cinema. We celebrate Latin, African and European cultural
heritages, the contributions of immigrants  and women to the genre,
while relating its history to Buenos Aires and New York City and affording
an opportunity for artists across generations, cultures, genres and
disciplines to create new work and express through a renewed artistic idiom
of cultural unity and inclusion….

Leonardo & Olga Suarez Paz were featured in the Dear New York TV program earlier this month. Watch this video to learn more about the artistic Roosevelt Island couple.

Piazzolla 100 is presenting two free programs at this Saturday’s Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival and you’re invited to register and attend. According to Piazzolla 100:

First Event.

Presented at Roosevelt Island FALL For ARTS Festival 


Historic Chapel of the Good Shepherd, 543 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, NY

Leonardo Suarez Paz’s PIAZZOLLA 100: CUARTETANGO string quartet with bandoneon
and dance 

Celebrating the centennial of his mentor, Astor Piazzolla, an Argentine-born
and New York raised composer, Leonardo Suarez Paz leads his Latin
GRAMMY-nominated group to the forefront of 21st century Nuevo Tango. A
“virtuoso extraordinaire on the violin” (Wynton Marsalis), he brings forth a
new vision of Argentina’s rich culture with an “ingenious musical concept,”
(The Day, CT) – the classical string quartet that “personifies and embodies
the authentic spirit of Tango” (Latin Grammy). 

Discover Nuevo Tango through a multidisciplinary journey into modern chamber
music with Leonardo Suarez Paz (voice & 1st violin), Hector Omar Falcon
(2nd violin), Ron Lawrence (viola), Danny Miller (cello), and guests Rodolfo
Zanetti on bandoneon, and Olga Suarez Paz – Nuevo Tango Ballet.  

This performance is presented in conjunction with PIAZZOLLA 100 at Roosevelt Island FALL For ARTS Festival.  

Support provided by the Music Performance Trust Fund, Dance/NYC, & the
Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation 

Click Here For Tickets ToThis FREE event.  Reservations are required. Limited Seating. Proof of vaccination
& masks required.  

Second Event.

Presented at Roosevelt Island FALL FOR ARTS FESTIVAL


Outdoor event. South Point Park, East Lawn, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044  

Leonardo Suarez Paz’s PIAZZOLLA 100: “PAINT the MUSIC” a multidisciplinary children’s art class
A creative exploration of musical concepts through painting and movement. In this class, children immerse themselves into a world of multiple art disciplines as we lead them to interpret the music of Astor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons through action painting and other abstract art techniques developed by innovators like Vasilly Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock. Led by Grammy-nominated composer & artistic director of PIAZZOLLA 100 – Leonardo Suarez Paz, choreographer & artist Olga Suarez Paz (Nuevo Tango Ballet), and special guests – dance artist Corey Katano & visual artist Susana Aldanondo. 

This event is presented in conjunction with PIAZZOLLA 100 at Roosevelt Island FALL For ARTS Festival.  

Support provided by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and individual donors like you, through the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Click Here For Tickets To This FREE Event. Reservations suggested due to supply quantities 

Additional info is at: www.piazzolla100.com


Piazzolla 100 will also be performing at FDR 4 Freedoms Park on October17.


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