Roosevelt Island Concerts
planned their Holiday Concert for tomorrow, December 19

but announced today:

Dear Friends, 

We regret to inform you that we have decided to postpone our upcoming
performance scheduled for Sunday, December 19th at 4pm to a later date. We
were hoping we would not have to do so, but with the recent surge of covid
cases in NYC, we feel this is the responsible thing to do. Your health and
safety are most important to us, and rest assured: we will hold this concert
when it is safer to gather in public again. 

We will let you know when the concert will happen as soon as it is
confirmed, and we hope you will be able to join us then.  We would like
to thank our wonderful performers, Yi-heng Yang, Max Zeugner, and Dongmyung
Ahn for their patience and understanding. We cannot wait to hear their
performance as soon as possible. We would like to wish you health and safety
at these trying times, and a joyous holiday season! 

With warm regards from your Roosevelt Island Concerts team

We missed a great concert. Here’s
Roosevelt Island Concerts
performing Schubert:Symphony No.5 last August at the Good Shepherd Chapel.

More info on
Roosevelt Island Concerts available at their website.


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