Roosevelt Island Disabled Association And Former Residents Association President Lynn Strong Shinozaki Honored With NY State Senate Proclamation Recognizing Their Service To Community By NY State Senator Jose Serrano

Roosevelt Island Disabled Association
(RIDA) and long time Roosevelt Island activist and former Roosevelt Island
Residents Association (RIRA)
President Lynn Strong-Shinozaki
were honored recently by the issuance of a NY State Senate Proclamation
recognizing their service to our community by
NY State Senator Jose Serrano.

According to Senator Serrano:

Long before the pandemic, RIDA has been enhancing quality of life for
Roosevelt Island residents living with disabilities. During the height of
COVID-19, the group immediately jumped into action to ensure Roosevelt Island
residents had the resources needed to stay safe and healthy. Wendy Hersh and
the volunteers have put in a tremendous amount of hard work, and I was honored
to present them with a Senate Proclamation.

Last September, I spoke
with RIDA President Wendy Hersh about the Roosevelt Island Food Pantry.

Also honored by a NY State Senate Proclamation from Senator Serrano was
Ms Shinozaki. Senator Serrano noted:

Lynne Strong-Shinozaki has been an active member of the Roosevelt Island
community for decades, and has been a fervent advocate on a number of issues
important to island residents. I was proud to present her with a Senate
Proclamation on the occasion of her retirement from RIRA.

Former RIRA Presidents, Common Council members and other residents thanked Ms
Strong-Shinozaki for her efforts on behalf of the Roosevelt Island community in
video below.

Congrats to RIDA and Ms Shinozaki


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