Roosevelt Island Good Shepherd Plaza Landscaping And Picnic Table Benches Get A Spruce Up And Improvements From RIOC Following Urging By Local Residents

Beginning earlier this summer, several concerned Roosevelt Island residents reported the deteriorating condition of the landscaping and picnic table benches in the Plaza Area behind the Good Shepherd Church to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC).

Last week, RIOC responded and received thanks from residents.

A Roosevelt Island resident Tipster reported last Friday:

Great news for the Good Shepherd Church Plaza.  The picnic benches look beautiful.


 Thanks to all the hard working RIOC team who worked on the picnic benches!!

Another resident reported:

In the church plaza they have refinished the benches and painted the base
in silver without spilling any paint. Also putting back the picnic
tables which have been sanded stained and varnished. I guess they are
discouraging the kind of artwork that was on the tables before.

 Last Friday, I asked RIOC President Shelton Haynes:

Residents have sent photos and Positive RIOC Compliments about the return of picnic tables to Good Shepherd Plaza.

Do you wish to comment on the subject for a story I’m preparing?

Also, will the picnic tables be painted again by local community groups as was done previously?

Mr Haynes replied:

Thank you for the note.

Vicki Feinmel and I had a conversation during National Night Out, where she informed me about an area in Good Shepherd Plaza that needed a landscaping spruce up and then she mentioned the conditions of the tables. I passed the information to Altheria Jackson (AVP of Operations) whose teams Horticulture/Grounds and Facilities addressed the issues. 

We would love to have the community groups paint the tables again in the future.

In the summer of 2021, here’s what the Good Shepherd Plaza picnic tables newly painted by Roosevelt Island community groups looked like. 



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