Roosevelt Island Macarons Fairy Valeria Bontrager Makes Creative And Delicious Tasting Deserts, Best In The World Says Local Resident

As part of promoting the success of youth and Young Adults on Roosevelt
Island, the Children, Youth & Education Committee will interview and
publish the stories of their achievements beginning with Roosevelt Island’s
Macarons Fairy!

I’ve travelled the world and am always on the lookout for quality sweets (even
though I am a diabetic). Macarons are one of my favorites and have tried them
in France, Italy, and the USA.. and you know where I found the best Macarons?
Right here on Roosevelt Island!

Valeria Bontrager is the
Master Chef Baker of Macarons NYC
and she has taken the art of Macaron making to a whole new level with her
creative flavors, her artisan approach, and her superior ingredients.

Young Valeria and her husband moved to Roosevelt Island during the pandemic
after contemplating the move from Long Island with her husband for over a
year. Her family is from Ukraine. Her family owns a successful landscaping
company, but her passion for baking is influenced by her mother’s passion.
Valeria and her mother often baked cakes, eclairs and different desserts,
which brought her years of joy.

Recently, Valeria started studying how to make Macarons initially thinking
it was an easy process. Soon after she realized the intricacies and careful
steps that required her to study online and practice infinite number of
macarons until she mastered this distinguished level of perfection.

When I asked her if she is interested in having a bakery or store on the
island she said “Working from home allows me to choose very expensive
professional ingredients, create a very high quality product and, at the
same time, make the price affordable to everyone.” Having a bakery at this
point would either raise her prices or reduce the quality of the macarons.
“I don’t like either of these options but I am open to working with
restaurants of coffee shops on Roosevelt Island”. 

A friend of mine posted pictures of her first order from Valeria’s
Macarons_NYC and raved about the quality. I had to try them. I ordered the
sampler, took extra insulin, and tasted them all, one delicious bite after
the other. I could not chose which one was better because they were all
unparalleled, and the combination so clever:

Lavender-Apricot-Passion Fruit, Hazelnut-Salted Caramel,
Rose-Lychee-Raspberry, Madagascar Vanilla Ice Scream-Raspberry,
Pistachio-Raspberry, Blue Berry Cheesecake, Latte-Norwegian Caramel Cheese,
Mango-Passion Fruit, Tonka Beans-Cherry, Snickers, Double Salted Caramel,
and Gorgonzola- Strawberry-Walnuts (yes Gorgonzola and what a delight).

Valeria emphasized that “Macarons are the most finicky dessert in making as
well as in storing”. All her ganache are based on French chocolate and real
fruits/nuts. “It’s very important to keep them refrigerated all the time in
order to keep the original taste and quality.”

Finally, the presentation is a concert of colors, textures and shapes. It is
an experience that satisfies all your senses. Valeria says that her Macarons
are made with “premium quality ingredients and a lot, a lot, a LOT of



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