Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool Closing September 1 For Renovations- When Will It Reopen Asks Swimmer, RIOC Says In Spring 2022

A Roosevelt Island
Sportspark Pool
Tipster reports today:

I just asked the staff – the pool will close Sept 1st. They gave no idea for
how long – So last day of swim for me today on RI probably for the year. But
at least they did require the vaccination card or other proof of

As reported last April:

… RIOC Chief Financial Officer John O’Reilly reported to the RIOC Board
Directors during the March 16 meeting that the Sportspark renovation work
timeline will be done is separate phases starting from the west side of the
building beginning with the lobby and then to the east side pool. The Gym will
close for the summer and reopen in September. The Sportspark Pool 

will remain open throughout the summer and then close for renovation which is
expected to be completed by spring 2022.

Here’s the March 16, 2021 RIOC Board discussion of Sportspark

RIOC Board Meeting – March 16, 2021
from Diva Communications on

renovation timeline.

More on the $11 million Sportspark renovation project here. 


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