Roosevelt Islander Online: 15th Annual Waterfront Alliance City Of Water Day Celebration Saturday July 16

The Waterfront Alliance

… is working to provide more opportunities for people to get on and touch the water, as well as improve community engagement in waterfront development processes, leading to more equitable, healthy, and resilient coastal communities. Through different public forums, community board presentations, and one-on-one discussions, we seek to elevate the role of community-driven design and planning for waterfront public spaces and ensure that benefits of our waterways are accessible to all. 

According to The Waterfront Alliance

City of Water Day

July 16, 2022

Located throughout the New York-New Jersey region

The 15th annual City of Water Day returns to the shores of the metropolitan region on Saturday, July 16, 2022. A celebration of the waters that surround us, and an opportunity to learn about the current and future impacts of climate change and sea level rise, City of Water Day is organized by the Waterfront Alliance, the NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program (HEP), and many other partners. From boat rides to kayaking, from water quality workshops to birdwatching walks, City of Water Day activities are free and open to all. Underscoring the importance of a resilient and equitably shared waterfront, dozens of shoreline communities in New York and New Jersey will produce satellite In Your Neighborhood events on July 16, City of Water Day. Find an activity In Your Neighborhood by visiting

Efforts to raise awareness about the waters around us and the impacts of climate change continue with Art at the BlueLine, a free, outdoor climate art exhibition in Lower Manhattan’s Seaport, opening Saturday, July 16. Matthew López-Jensen, Sarah Nelson Wright and Edrex Fontanilla, and Mary Mattingly (and contributing artists) will present three art installations at the future high tide line, or “BlueLine.” The works of art aim to illuminate the effects of sea level rise and coastal storms on the region. Learn more at

I asked the Waterfront Alliance City Of Water organizers:

Will there be any City of Water Day events on Roosevelt Island?

In the past, Roosevelt Island has not been part of City of Water Day. Why is that.

A Waterfront Alliance spokesperson replied: 

We will be having an event at Roosevelt Island; please see the event details below.

Regarding why RI has not been part of City of Water Day in the past, that is because all events are organized by local communities, so it’s up to local organizations to develop options.

We’re so happy that RI will be included in this year’s City of Water Day.

Event Name – Exploring the Waterfront on Roosevelt Island

Event Organizer – Waterfront Alliance

Descriptive Paragraph – Join Waterfront Alliance from 11am to 3pm at the Roosevelt Island Ferry Terminal as they lead activities and discussions about the water surrounding Roosevelt Island! Waterfront Alliance staff will be testing the quality of the water surrounding the island, comparing the results with commonly found household items. Attendees will also get a chance to explore the effects of storms on waterfronts by playing with our model shoreline and will be able to explore their creative side at a coloring station.

Event Location – Roosevelt Island Ferry, East Main Street, New York, NY

Learn more about City Of Water Day activities in New York/New Jersey communities and the work of the Waterfront Alliance.


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