Roosevelt Islander Online: 84 Years Young Josina Baez With Her Younger Friend Zach Beautify Riverwalk Commons With New Flower Bed Plantings To Celebrate Roosevelt Island Day Last Saturday

Roosevelt Island resident Josina Baez reported last Saturday:

Today is Roosevelt Island beautification day and I took that 100% to

I did the planting in the triangle and the Granny Annie’s corner.

  Lots of
fun with nonstop complements. A young boy Zach joined me, he was a great

I cleaned out the Granny Annie’s corner flowerbed too.

I spoke with the 84 years young Roosevelt Island gardener Josina Baez about
her Riverwalk Commons beautification efforts on Saturday.

A Southtown Riverwalk Tipster is very concerned about the neglect of Riverwalk
Commons area and reports:

I see RIOC’s attitude towards the Southtown Riverwalk community as a total
DISREPECT for its residents.

The non existent maintenance and subsequent damage to our Commons is a
disgrace!  The Canada Thistle worries me ! 

It is a horrendous weeds, almost impossible to remove, very invasive and

The NO MANTENANCE over the past few years has caused an explosion of new

Ms Baez hopes to do more beautification efforts in the Riverwalk Commons area and welcomes any help from those interested.


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