Roosevelt Islander Online: Advantage Learning Lab On Roosevelt Island Offers Free Academic And Enrichment Activities For Kindergarten To Grade 8 Blended And Remote Students

According to the
Advantage Learning Lab of Roosevelt Island:

HCK Recreation, Inc. is approved by the City of New York to provide a Learning
Lab program for up to 200 seats through the Learning Bridges Initiative.
Funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development, the Advantage
Learning Lab on Roosevelt Island program will provide, at no charge to
families, academic support and enrichment activities from 8 AM to 3 PM
weekdays while public schools are in session…

Roosevelt Island Advantage Learning Lab

Learning support for K-8 “Blended” and “Fully Remote” DOE students. 

Free, nutritious breakfast and lunch every day Professional learning help
for every student 

Added enrichment like chess, Legos, arts & crafts, games, and socially
distanced gym activities 

Peace of mind knowing your kids are in good hands throughout the day 

Registration is FREE!

Advantage Learning Lab youngsters tell us what they like about the program in a

Thank You DOE from Advantage Learning Lab on Roosevelt Island
My learning lab is great because, It helps me learn each day.
And when I’m not online with school, I draw, jump rope, and play!
At chess I’ll take your queen from you, Spend time creating art,
My Lego town’s the biggest yet, And all 6 feet apart!
So DOE, thank you so much,
For our home away from home-
A safety net for families,
We hope you like our poem!

Advantage Learning Lab facilities:

… at 250/281 Main St. on Roosevelt Island offer specifically designated
areas for classroom space and recreational activities. Thanks to a
collaboration between the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (a New York
State Public Authority) and the Roosevelt Island Racquet Club, they

  • the west half of a 41,000-square-foot athletic center (“Sportspark”)
  • the Racquet Club’s north bubble, which is 25,000 square feet
  • two outdoor sports fields

The program provider is HCK Recreation, Inc., a for-profit corporation that is
the Managing Partner of the Racquet Club. Its President, Skip Hartman,
previously co-founded and served as CEO of two public charities: New York
Junior Tennis and Learning (NYJTL) and New York Edge (formerly the Sports
& Arts in Schools Foundation). Those organizations are the largest
provider of after-school sports, arts and academic support programs in the New
York City public schools.

HCK has appointed Paul Fontana as Director of the Lab….

I spoke with Advantage Learning Lab’s Mr. Fontana and Joyce Short, a Roosevelt
Island resident about the program.

Contact Paul Fontana at
[email protected]
and 212-371-1804 for more info.
Web site is here.

Or sign up for the program here.


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