Roosevelt Islander Online: Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney And Governor Kathy Hochul Unveil Astoria Houses Repurposed Shipping Containers Covid Testing And Vaccination Medical Unit Designed By NJIT & Tuchman Foundation

Last Thursday April 14, a mere eight minute East River Ferry ride from Roosevelt
Island, NY State
Governor Kathy HochulCongresswoman Carolyn Maloney
and businessman/philanthropist
Martin Tuchman
announced the opening of a new temporary medical care unit at Astoria Houses
to provide free COVID-19 vaccines and tests.

The temporary medical care unit is made from 40-foot-long repurposed shipping
containers and was designed by a research and development consortium composed
of the
New Jersey Institute of Technology
(NJIT) and
The Tuchman Foundation.
Congresswoman Maloney worked with the NJIT, the City and State of New York,
New York City Housing Authority, the Tuchman Foundation, and
The Floating Hospital
to secure the unit for placement at Astoria Houses. 

The unit will be operated by the Floating Hospital, a NYC-based charity
hospital that provides healthcare services to anyone in need. The site will be
open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Congresswoman Maloney said at the opening of the new Astoria Houses Covid Testing and
Vaccination facility:

Quality healthcare should be a fundamental human right. 

Of all the inequities in life, not having access to life-saving health
care may be the greatest. We all need to commit ourselves fully to ending
that as we are doing today with this very innovative health

I, we’ve worked so hard to get this medical care unit here in Astoria. It
will be providing tests,  vaccinations and boosters to all residents
in the area. Before today, there was only one permanent vaccination site
within half a mile of Astoria houses and just two permanent ones in our
zip code. It was just too hard for the residents.  You’d have to walk
literally a mile to go to the testing site or the vaccination site…

… I just had a chance to tour this. You think about shipping containers
that have gone around the world, have seen everything. And now, this is
their home. Three of them put together. It’s ingenious, to be able to
bring this facility right here because you open those doors. It’s not just
to a place, it’s a place of opportunity, and a healthier living. And so,
we’re going to do tests here. We’re going to do vaccinations here. We’re
going to get the job done….

And I want to thank Mr. Tuchman for his generosity and bringing this to

Martin Tuchman added:

….I’m proud of  the way our various teams working together to make
this a successful installation. 

It  took every bit of our engineering training, mechanical,
electrical, civil and school of architecture to make this happen.  At
NJIT, the school of management proved once again,  that one can have
all the technical know-how to create something but you need an efficient
management team to pull it all together. That’s a perfect example.

In closing, I want to dedicate this facility in memory of my good friend
and business colleague Cliff Maloney who founded this company with me over
40 years ago where we were pioneers in the international shipping

There are currently 25 million of these containers throughout the world. I
very much appreciate you allowing me to install a few of them on your

I asked Congresswoman Maloney how to get a similar Covid testing/vaccination
facility for Roosevelt Island. Ms Maloney answered that the community has to
ask for it, find a suitable location and then fight with her to get it done.

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Rossana Ceruzzi, who
was able to
obtain a Covid Test Site for several weeks
earlier this year, said she thinks the shipping container Covid
test/vaccination unit is a very good idea and RIRA will explore trying to
secure a similar facility for Roosevelt Island with the help of
Congresswoman Maloney.

Watch the full presentation at Astoria Houses including remarks from
residents and representatives of the Floating Hospital

Unfortunately, on April 19 after taking a home test and confirmed by a lab
PCR Test,
Ms Maloney tested

positive for Covid 19.  According to Ms Maloney:

I am in good spirits, just feeling a bit like I have a bad cold. But I’m
also feeling grateful that testing is now easily and widely available, so I
won’t unknowingly spread the virus to friends and family. And I am
especially grateful that I have had my COVID vaccine shots and my Boosters.
I hate to contemplate what I might be facing were that not the case. We’re
all in a much better place than we were 2 years ago at this time. Per CDC
guidance and the advice of the Attending Physician of the Capitol, I am
quarantining at home in New York City. Maybe I’ll use the time to read some
banned books.


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