Roosevelt Islander Online: Cornell Tech Working On Project To Improve Roosevelt Island Local News Gathering

Roosevelt Islander Online relies on your written tips, photos, videos and
documents to report on local Roosevelt Island news. I greatly appreciate the
efforts by residents to help inform the Roosevelt Island community.

A group of Cornell Tech students are working on a project to improve the
Roosevelt Island news gathering process. Will you help?

According to Tim Bernard, one of the Cornell Tech students working on the

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A group of Cornell Tech students are developing a system for members of the
public to respond to requests for tidbits of information, photos, etc. from
local news agencies, starting with the Roosevelt Islander.
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NY1’s Pat Kiernan
discussed the importance of local news in this
2019 video report

According to
Mr Kiernan:

 … there will be over the next decade more big shifts and how local
reporting is done and how people learn about that reporting and what they do
with it when they get it.

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