Roosevelt Islander Online: Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck Returned To Roosevelt Island Yesterday With RIOC Permit This Time

After an all too brief taste last January 9, Roosevelt Island residents waited anxiously for the
Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
to return. Last time Cousins Main Lobster Food Truck set up on the street in
front of Good Shepherd Plaza, they were
forced to leave
by the
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp
(RIOC) Public Safety Department 

because they did not have a
RIOC food vending permit, although they did have a NYC Food Truck permit.

Five week after Roosevelt Island first took a yummy bite from a Cousins Maine
Lobster dish, the Food Truck returned yesterday to a spot across from the Tram
Plaza and residents quickly started to line up.

So, were Roosevelt Island residents happy with the
Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
return? I think so. Some reviews from very happy customers:

  • Both the Connecticut and Maine lobster rolls were delicious! The location
    worked for us! 
  • Enjoyed my Connecticut Lobster Roll today, it was delicious.
  • Yes, the lobster tots& quesadilla was delish. The location was fine.
  • It was delicious for lunch and dinner!Location was perfect!
  • Indulged twice Delish! Hope they come back soon! They can be located
    anywhere on the island, just not in front of our existing food vendors!

I asked when they will come back to Roosevelt Island?
Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
operator replied:

We will work with RIOC again to schedule a future visit. We will request a
location closer to the buildings but like last time, it’s up to them to what
location they will allow us to be

Hopefully, it will be less than 5 weeks for their next visit.

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