Roosevelt Islander Online: Global Citizen Oriented New City NYC Church Being Planted On Roosevelt Island By Local Husband & Wife Residents

A new church is being planted on Roosevelt Island. According to husband and wife
founders Piero Gorriti (Pastor) and Andrea Gorriti-Oliveros (Community Life
Director) of
New City NYC:

We have been residing in Roosevelt Island for almost two years, we moved a
couple of months before the pandemic hit. 

As internationals from Peru and as a young married couple, we found
ourselves welcomed and understood in Roosevelt Island. We do not know of
another place with the diversity found here, where our neighbors are
literally from every continent with different types of visas or as permanent

Now, with a one year old, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, we have
found a community where though we are from different cultures and
backgrounds, we relate and understand each other in our struggle of missing
our respective home-countries while trying to make this little island our

We are a new international church in Roosevelt Island. We will start
gathering weekly at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd (543 Main Street) on
Sundays from 4-6pm.  Here is a brief story of who we are:

Our hearts are torn between different places: Adapting to a new place we are
excited to call home, missing our culture of origin, and yet at the same
time in awe on discovering new cultures and finding beauty in diversity.
These are all too common experiences that my wife Andrea and I encountered
as Peruvians working in NYC. 

We quickly found out that we were not the only ones that have had these
experiences. There was a community of like-minded Global Citizens who have
had experiences not too different from ours. Global Citizens are those whose
lives transcend beyond national borders, reflecting a global identity due to
their geographical location, cross-cultural experiences, and personal

Here is a photo we took for our Fall Kick Off event this fall. We invited
residents of Roosevelt Island to participate with their families

With both the joys and struggles, the failures and successes that come with
being a Global Citizen, we realized we couldn’t do this alone, and we needed a
community where we felt understood and known. Out of that necessity, and a
dream of seeing a community of Global Citizens that resource, empower and
propel each other into their God-given destiny, was that
New City NYC was

We hope that regardless of your background, whether you’ve just realized you
are a Global Citizen or you have known you are for a while, we invite you to
be a part of this community from all around the world! 

Last Sunday, Nov. 28th started our advent series, we would love to have you
as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. All are welcome. For more info and
other events you could get involved visit us at our
website New City NYC and

Roosevelt Island has a variety of religious groups including:

Please let me know if I am missing any other Roosevelt Island religious group.

Roosevelt Island Historical Society President
Judy Berdy has a very interesting chapter in her Roosevelt Island book
religion on Blackwell’s (now Roosevelt) Island.
2015 issue of Blackwell’s Almanac 

has more about the  history of Roosevelt Island worship (pages 5-8)


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