Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to long time Roosevelt Island resident Nina Claremont who is celebrating her 100th birthday today.  

According to Nina’s family:


Nina, a pioneer Roosevelt Island resident is turning 100 today January

She discovered Roosevelt Island entirely by accident and in spring of 1976
decided to make it her home, despite the fact that back then the tram,
supermarket and other island necessities were not yet available. Her initial
intent was to stay for no more than 2 or 3 years and here she is 45 plus years
later – one of our Island’s oldest long-standing residents. 

Nina was born and grew up in London. She attended London School of Economics
and was evacuated to Cambridge University at the beginning of WWII where she
met her future husband whom she married in 1947. She joined the WAAF (Womens
Auxillary Air Force) during WWII 

where she served as a radar operator near Dover and Beachy Head on the southern
coast of England. She talks of being shot at by enemy planes while sitting on
the cliffs overlooking the English channel and has many other interesting war
stories and life experiences she enjoys sharing with visitors over a nice “cup
of tea”. Its during the war years she developed a love for aviation and flying
that’s never left her. 

Nina, her husband and young son moved to the US in 1952, living first in
Florida, then Colorado (where her husband served in the US army as part of the
requirement for citizenship), and then New York; finally settling in Long
Island where she raised her two children and pursued her interest in flying.

She obtained her pilots license in 1966 and acquired her first plane – a
4-seater Cherokee Arrow – in 1968, which marked the beginning of a long period
as an Aviatrix. Her adventures carried her all over the US. She flew across
country several times and through the Grand Canyon and frequently to Florida,
the Bahamas and even Haiti. She won a competition to sell aircraft equipment for
a small distributor in the early 70s and at that time was the company’s only
flying saleswoman pilot. 

She flew several times in the Powder Puff Derby – an all-women cross-country
air-race – always enjoying the experience. She was also deeply involved in the
aviation community becoming a long-standing member of various aviation
organizations including: the 99’s, the International Organization of Women
Licensed Pilots; the AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association; and The
Wings Club, a distinguished organization that included in its ranks many
distinguished aviators and outstanding leaders in the private and commercial
aviation community, many of whom Nina was privileged enough to know. Her good
pilot friend Linda took her on many an adventurous trip flying their planes side
by side. 

In addition to flying, Nina was always passionate about food and turned that
passion into a successful private catering business and even for a short period
owned and operated a small French restaurant on Shelter Island – Café des
Aviatrix. Unfortunately, the restaurant was open only for one season; Nina found
it to be an exciting experience but realized she was happier as a private chef.
Her passion and talent for cooking attracted a diverse clientele including such
known celebrities as Al Pacino, Robert Klein, Diane Sawyer, and Ted

During this time she never stopped flying and even used her plane to
support her catering business. Robert Klein was known to be a passenger from
time to time and she even served as a private pilot for several years for her
son, a successful writer, who owned his own 6-seat Bonanza. She also worked as a
social worker at the Roosevelt Island Senior Center in the early 80s and up
until the beginning of the pandemic was a frequent visitor who loved to help
maintain the Center’s garden. 

This sprightly woman has always had a joy for life. One of the reasons she has
stayed in the New York City area is for the diverse and exciting life
experiences it offered: the restaurants, theater and people. She has always
loved to socialize and entertain and you still find her ready to get up and
dance as soon as she hears her favorite 1940’s swing music. Her eyes still
light up whenever she hears the words “Lets have a party”. 

Please join us all in wishing our friend and neighbor Nina Claremont

a very Happy 100th


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