Roosevelt Islander Online: History Of Women In Computer Science Lecture By Cornell Tech Student Agustin Forero Presented To Roosevelt Island Senior Center

As part of its commitment to serve the Roosevelt Island community, students at Cornell Tech are encouraged to engage and assist local residents and organizations with their technology needs. According to Cornell Tech:

When Cornell Tech opened on Roosevelt Island in 2017, we joined a community of thousands of very involved and caring people who we are proud to call our neighbors. We were delighted to join a community of over 35 nonprofit and volunteer organizations on the island who work hard every day to improve life on Roosevelt Island — many of whom have become our partners and work with us on a regular basis. 

Whether engaging with island youth, older adults, people with disabilities, sustainability advocates, the arts community, island governance, or other community activists, Cornell Tech extends its mission of improving the connection between people and technology to the Roosevelt Island community. In the true land grant tradition, we aim to broadly apply the expertise and resources of Cornell for lasting impact on this wonderful community.

For example, Agustin Forero is currently working with the Carter Burden Network Roosevelt Island Senior Center. Mr Forero reports:

I am a Masters student studying Computer Science at
Cornell Tech. I teach Demystifying the Computer at the Roosevelt Island Senior
Center, a course with two aims: to teach my students how to use basic
technologies (Zoom, iPhones, Windows, etc.), and to contextualize the history
and inner workings of the computer. I want to help my students understand that
computers aren’t the mystical black box some people think them to be — in
reality, they’re just very robust calculators!

For Women’s History Month, Mr Forero presented a fascinating lecture on the history of Women in Computer Science

including the role played by Ada Lovelace

and Grace Hopper

as well as statistics on the current status of women in the Tech industry.

Here’s the Women In Computer Science presentation to the Roosevelt Island Senior Center by Cornell Tech student Agustin Forero.

What do the Roosevelt Island seniors think of the class? Viviane Codderrens said Augustin is a really good instructor and she has
benefited from the class. Diane Mangraviti said Agustin is just marvelous!


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