Roosevelt Islander Online: Hurricane Henri Will Hit NYC And Roosevelt Island Overnight As A Tropical Storm, Heavy Wind, Lots Of Rain

Hurricane Henri is on track to hit NYC and Roosevelt Island overnight as a
Tropical Storm. According to
NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio:

 … Stay indoors. There’s going to be heavy winds, a lot of rain. We
could definitely be seeing some trees falling down. We need people to be safe.
So, I’m telling you now so you can alter your plans, prepare your plans for
tomorrow. Stay in to the maximum extent possible….


There has been no information about Hurricane Henri from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) as of 7:30 PM today.

NYC Emergency Management Department
(NYCEM) reported last June 1:

To mark the beginning of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, the New York
City Emergency Management Department today unveiled the City’s revised
hurricane evacuation zones. New York City Emergency Management also
relaunched the Know Your Zone hurricane awareness campaign to encourage New
Yorkers to find out whether they live in one of the City’s six hurricane
evacuation zones, and take steps to be prepared for coastal storms and
hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November

The City’s six hurricane evacuation zones have been updated to incorporate
new and improved data, as well as information from actual events to allow
the City to more accurately define areas most at risk of flooding due to
storm surge from a hurricane. Residents who live in these zones may be
ordered to evacuate depending on a hurricane’s forecast strength, track, and
storm surge. If the mayor orders an evacuation of your zone, do so as
directed. With these hurricane evacuation zone changes, roughly 1 million
New Yorkers now live in a different hurricane evacuation zone than last


What are hurricane evacuation zones? 

There are six hurricane evacuation zones, ranked by the risk of storm surge
impact, with zone 1 being the most likely to flood. In the event of a
hurricane or tropical storm, residents in these zones may be ordered to

I noticed that my zone has changed. Why is that? 

Zones are updated to incorporate new, higher resolution storm surge model
output from the National Weather Service. These data, combined with improved
topographic data, and information from actual events, allow the City to more
accurately define areas most at risk of flooding due to storm surge from a

Roosevelt Island residents live in both Zones 2 and 3 depending upon the
building in which you live. As shown in the
NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder
below, the Roosevelt Island buildings colored in brown are in Zone 2 and those
colored in Yellow are in Zone 3. 

The Octagon, Manhattan Park, Westview, Island House, Roosevelt Landings,
Cornell Tech, Coler Hospital and Riverwalk 480, 475 and 460 Main Street are in
Zone 2.  

Riverwalk 405, 425, 455, 465 and Rivercross buildings are in Zone 3.

Click here to find
the Hurricane Evacuation Zone for your Roosevelt Island address.

The Roosevelt Island Hurricane Zones have
changed from prior years
when only the Octagon and Coler Hospital buildings were in Zone 2.

Here’s some scenes
of what Roosevelt Island looked like during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012

and report on damage caused by Hurricane Sandy

Be careful and be safe.

Come back here for any updated info on how Hurricane Henri impacts Roosevelt


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