Roosevelt Islander Online: Julie Menin Top Vote Getter So Far In NYC Council District 5 Democratic Party Primary Election But Absentee And Ranked Choice Ballots Still To Be Counted

According to the
NYC Board Of Elections,
the unofficial election night results of the NYC Council District 5 Democratic
Party Primary  to represent Roosevelt Island, Upper East Side and East
Harlem are: 

We don’t know yet who won the election.
Julie Menin was the
top vote getter with 6,982 votes (33.93%) followed by Tricia Shimamura with
4,810 votes (23.38%). The vote count does not include absentee ballots or
ranked choice voting. The NYC Board Of Elections will
begin tabulating Ranked Choice Voting on June 29.

How did Roosevelt Island
(Election Districts 82-87)

vote in the NYC Council Election? 


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