Roosevelt Islander Online: Largest 2022 NYC Progress Pride Flag Can Be Viewed At Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedom Park Monument Staircase Through The End Of June

2022 NYC Pride Month is being celebrated on Roosevelt Island with the annual
return of the rainbow colored flag to the steps of the FDR Four Freedoms Park.

This year’s FDR Four Freedoms Park Pride Month flag is a little bit different than past years.

According to Four Freedoms Park Conservancy President Howard Axel:

We are encouraging everyone to visit the 100×30 flag, the biggest Progress
Pride Flag in NY, take a selfie, #4freedomspark, and encourage the
conversation about inclusion and the Four Freedoms – celebrate Pride

The Progress Pride Flag

will remain on the Four Freedoms Park steps during Pride Month thru the end of June.

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the Progress Pride Flag.


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