A Long Time Roosevelt Island sadly reports:

Forty-some years ago when I moved here the Island was a pretty place. I was proud to call it home. But it hasn’t been for a while. Leaves cluttered our grounds for months…… except around Blackwell House where leaf blowers were used. Potholes and cracked sidewalks are now the norm, while litter is all over. I drive past housing projects in Queens whose grounds are better kept than ours. 

This bench

is the worst example of management that does not care nor take pride in our environment. It makes me sad and robs me of my long-standing pride in living here.

The bench with the disgusting pigeon poop is located on the Roosevelt Island Waterfront East Promenade behind Roosevelt Landing. The bench next to the one in picture is free of pigeon poop.

What does it take to get the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp to clean this eyesore?


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