Roosevelt Islander Online: Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Liz Crotty Meets And Speaks With Roosevelt Island Residents Last Saturday At Farmers Market

According to the NY Times:

The race to become Manhattan’s next district attorney is shaping up to be one
of the most important in decades, a watershed contest that is likely to
fundamentally change the mission of the prominent office and may affect the
future of former President Donald J. Trump. 

Yet the eight candidates are all relative unknowns, and, with no public
polling, there is no clear front-runner. The victor is likely to win the
general election in November without having received a majority of votes in
the Democratic primary.

Liz Crotty is
among the candidates seeking to replace
Cy Vance
Manhattan District Attorney

According to
Ms. Crotty’s website: 

As Manhattan District Attorney, my number one priority will be the safety of
New York City and defending the rights of victims to get the justice they
deserve. We can’t afford a Manhattan DA who won’t keep us safe….

Read Elizabeth’s Priorities …

… Elizabeth will bring 20 years of firsthand criminal law experience to the
Manhattan District Attorney’s office — experience that cannot be taught in a
course on policy development or by tenure in an executive office, but
experience that can only come from working in the trenches and the courts
consistently, day after day.

Elizabeth’s experience has provided her a clear vision to see that the
District Attorney’s Office can do better. However, she understands the only
way to better the office is with a plan that is practical and works with the

Her plan starts with ensuring the office is working in the people’s best
interest — always prioritizing every New Yorker’s hope for public safety.
Every neighborhood and community needs to feel that the District Attorney’s
Office is working for them. That means it must work closely in each and
every in diverse community in Manhattan, as well as work with the police to
make sure that they are protecting the communities they are entrusted to
serve with dignity and honor….

Ms Crotty was at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market last Saturday speaking
with residents about her run for Manhattan District Attorney and local issues.
I spoke with her too. Here’s what Ms. Crotty had to say. 

I asked Ms Crotty what she thought of Roosevelt Island. She replied:

Oh I love Roosevelt’s Island. 

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid.

My best friends when I was like nine and ten years old, the family I grew up
with lived right here on 530 Main street so when I was a kid and you wanted
to come for a sleepover on Roosevelt Island you got a tram ride, you got to
swim in a pool and you got to go see watch a movie in their apartment. 

That was always a big thrill. I love Roosevelt Island. I play tennis here as
an adult and so I’ve been a frequent visitor since the 1980s when it first

I’ve always been a big Roosevelt Island fan.

Learn more about
Ms Crotty’s campaign
for Manhattan District Attorney, experience and views on criminal justice
at her website.

Ms. Crotty’s opponents in the June 22 Manhattan District Attorney Democratic
Party Primary are:

The Gotham Gazette has more information on all the candidates for 2021 Manhattan District Attorney election.


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