NYC Mayor Eric Adams
visited Roosevelt Island today together with NY State Assembly Member
Rebecca Seawright.

The Mayor and Ms Seawright attended a community meeting at the
Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center
with residents and listened to their questions and concerns

A Roosevelt Island Tipster attending the meeting with Mayor Adams reports:

It was very noisy as Mayor Adams was coming into the Senior Center meeting room

and Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright immediately stood up and
introduced him with a few nice words about him wanting to come to the Island
and saying that this is one trip but he’ll be back again soon.  

She mentioned that one big issue was getting a Pickleball court
here.  He said he plays Pickleball and everybody laughed.  He
then began speaking and basically it was the usual – glad to be here, some
people think of RI as not being part of the city, but not him. Joyce Short
then yelled out “Not just the city, Manhattan”.  That brought a round
of applause.

Then he went to questions.

Matt Katz said we’re part of the city but we don’t have a say in how we’re
governed.  We need to elect our board members…

Joyce Short spoke again agreeing with Matt and reinforcing that the
redistricting map needs to keep us in Manhattan.

Lynne Shinozaki invited him to an October 11th event at the Girl
Puzzle.  He said he’d come.

Margie Smith asked if he would fill both of his Roosevelt Island Operating
Corp (RIOC) Board seats with residents.  He said he knew he could
fill two seats, but didn’t commit either way to filling them with
residents.  Ms Smith then mentioned the need for medical facilities
on the Island and at that point he said he’s “a list guy”.  He wanted
us to work with Assemblymember Seawright to put all of our issues on a
list and he would address them that way.

Joyce then mentioned that Roosevelt Island sent more letters about the NYC
Council preliminary redistricting plan than any other Council District,
and a woman from Community Board 8 also spoke about redistricting and gave
him the CB8 resolution.

Barbara Parker said there are issues with the new affordable building on
the Island and he said to put it on the list and he’ll address it.

That was pretty much it.  So, nothing really happened, except we were
able to mention some of the Island issues, but didn’t get any resolutions,
not that we expected any in that type of meeting.  He sounded sincere
and I’m going to be optimistic that we’ll get something done. 

Resident Matt Katz adds:

The questions were short and sweet and Mayor Adams had his assistant
taking notes.  I went first to advocate for elected administration
for Roosevelt Island.  The bulk of the remaining time, a total of 15
minutes I think, centered around the Manhattan
redistricting issue and I thought the point was made.  Mayor
Adams said he would follow up as this was only a
preliminary contact  We shall see.  

Mayor Adams then walked down Main Street to visit the
Roosevelt Island Library
where he met with NYPL President Tony Marx, Roosevelt Island Library
Manager Carlos Chavez,
RIOC President Shelton
Haynes and some young residents

After the library visit, Mayor Adams walked to the Roosevelt Island Tram
and waited 


 for his ride back to the Manhattan Tram Station. 

Mayor Adams said during the Tram ride that Roosevelt Island is an
exciting and special place.

After the Tram Ride, I spoke with
Assembly Member Seawright about the Mayor’s visit to Roosevelt Island.




As Mayor Adams left the Senior Center walking down Main Street to visit
the NYPL Roosevelt Island branch I asked him why the local press was not
allowed to attend.


The Mayor said he was not taking questions from the press and was here
to listen to the residents.

Hopefully, the Mayor will be available to the press next time he visits.


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