The Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST&DA) production of The Ghosts All Around You opens this evening at the Roosevelt Island Cultural Center (548 Main Street)

According to MST&DA:

What do Charles Dickens, Nelly Bly, Scrooge and the people of Roosevelt
Island all have in common? They will all be appearing live this holiday
season on Roosevelt Island! The ghosts of Roosevelt Island will be coming to
life to tell a tale in which worlds are interwoven in a gripping and
meaningful story of equality, human connection and compassion, just in time
for the season of giving! 

Composer and Co-writer, Fadner has been riding a ghostly train of thought
similar to the “greatest writer in English history”, Charles John Huffman
Dickens. Jonathan Fadner’s driving musical score ranges from totally rockin’
to heartbreakingly beautiful. 

The musical is set on Roosevelt Island, featuring landmarks such as the
Smallpox Hospital and The Octagon (formerly the NYC Insane Asylum). Even the
Roosevelt Island Red Public Bus plays a role! Every year, since her husband
William (played by Gabriel Portuondo) died, the struggling yet optimistic
single mother Cheryl Makepeace (played by Kimbirdlee) reads “A Christmas
Carol” to her three young children, hoping to teach her kids goodwill and
kindness. This year, the family moved to Roosevelt Island, and Cheryl works
for the modern day Scrooge and real estate tycoon, Potiphar Stingyas (played
by Russ Cusick.) Circumstances arise to reveal inequalities and painful
pasts which lead to self-examination, redemption and valuable life lessons,
as the ghosts of the past try to break through and a memorable story is told
and sung.

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets.

MST&DA performed several songs from The Ghosts All Around You at the December 3 Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting ceremony. 

Watch and Enjoy.


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