Roosevelt Islander Online: New York Junior Tennis & Learning Program At Roosevelt Island Is A Great Place To Learn The Game And Life Lessons Too

According to
New York Junior Tennis & Learning

The mission of New York Junior Tennis & Learning is to develop the
character of young people through tennis and education for a lifetime of
success on and off the court. For 50 years, NYJTL has changed lives through
tennis and education. Today, it’s the largest nonprofit youth tennis and
education program in the nation, serving 85,000 K-12 NYC youth.

Arthur Ashe founded the National Junior Tennis League in 1969 with Charlie
Pasarell, Ashe’s teammate at UCLA who devoted his life to building the game
of tennis, and with Sheridan Snyder, a biotech entrepreneur with a passion
for tennis. Ashe, to this day the only African American male player to have
won the U.S. Open and Wimbledon, was committed not only to tennis but also
to ensuring education and equity for all.

New York Junior Tennis League was founded in 1971 by Ashe and by Founder and
Chairman Emeritus Lewis “Skip” Hartman with the help of Gene Scott, Bill
Shelton, and Erich Werner. In 2013, the U.S. Tennis Association honored Skip
with its National Junior Tennis and Learning Founders’ Service Award for 40
years of tireless efforts to grow junior tennis programs in NYC and around
the country.

NYJT&L has managed free tennis programs on Roosevelt Island tennis
courts for many years. Roosevelt Island resident Joyce Short is the long time Site Director for the Roosevelt Island program and several others in Manhattan
and Queens.

Last May 23, Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side New York City Council Member Julie Menin
visited the NYJT&L program at the Octagon Tennis Courts. She played some
tennis displaying a strong forehand and backhand stroke as well as an approach to the net.

Council Member Menin was thanked by the kids and staff of NYJT&L at the
Octagon Tennis Courts for her support and funding of the program.

Scott Daly, Senior Director of NYJT&L Community Tennis Programs explains the
importance of NYC Council Funding for the program and Ms Short presented Council
Member Menin with a certificate of appreciation.

Udai Tambar, Chief Executive Officer of NYJT&L joined with Ms Menin, Mr Daly and Ms
Short to tell us more about the NYJT&L programs.

 Ms Short adds:

The NYJTL staff, administration, participants and parents are extremely
grateful to Council Member Menin for supporting our community program. Anyone
wishing to enroll children between the ages of 5 and 18 can do so online. We provide completely free support for the athletic, health,
character, and educational development of our participants, reaching over
85,000 NYC kids each year. The only things you’ll need to register are
sneakers and a smile! 

You can register here for the NYJT&L Roosevelt Island Summer Program at the Octagon Tennis Courts.


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