Roosevelt Islander Online: No,That Is Not An Offshore Oil Rig In The East River Under The Queensboro Bridge Next To Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island resident Julia Chang shares this photo taken today and writes:

What are they drilling?

What an amazing structure to see on my way to work this morning. 

And even better to see it on my way home because I was able to get
closer to it. Have you been able to find out what these folks are doing?

Resident Joan Brooks shares her photo and adds:

I figured you might know

 what this thing is?

Another resident asked: 

What can you find out about the temporary construction platform which was dropped into the East River south of the bridge?

What is the purpose of rig which is sitting in the water about 20 yards from the west shore of Roosevelt Island.

This structure was not in the water yesterday.

I’d like to watch when the platform is eventually removed. I wonder if others might be similarly interested?

Is it possible for the Roosevelt Islander to publish information about the eventual removal of this structure so islanders can watch?

Earlier today, I asked the Twitterverse:

The answer is:

According to a Roosevelt Islander Instagram Comment:

It’s a self propelled lift boat. It’s used as a stable platform while working above or below the water.

The vessel is an Aries Marine Ram VII Liftboat.

Vessel Tracking reports:

Mystery solved.


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