Roosevelt Islander Online: NY Times Reports On Roosevelt Island Resident Moving Down Main Street To Building Of Her Dreams With Help Of Local Media

As reported just before Thanksgiving last year

Roosevelt Island resident Rodica Miller thought she hit the jackpot when she
learned  her lottery application for an apartment in the Roosevelt
Hudson Related Riverwalk Park
affordable housing building was selected. But there was a problem – getting
out of her existing lease recently renewed this summer at
Roosevelt Landings.

In reply to my inquiry for comment on the situation last November a
C+C spokesperson replied:

… C+C typically does not allow mid-term lease breaks, but Ms. Miller now has
an opportunity to live in affordable housing, which we won’t deny her. Due
to the unusual nature of her lease-break request, we are happy to grant an
exception to our policy so Ms. Miller can move into her new apartment and
avoid any undue financial hardship.”…

After learning the good news just before Thanksgiving, Ms Miller wrote:

… I just received a phone call and an email from C+C Management and they
agree to terminate my lease early. I’m so excited and relieved! Thank you
so much for your help!

Also, Rebecca Seawright’s office responded right away and offered me a
free legal clinic. I was impressed by their prompt follow-up. The person
from C+C Management who contacted me was Doryne Isley. She was super nice
and she wrote me a lovely email. So happy it all worked out!…

Yesterday, The NY Times featured Ms Miller’s story in the Renters column.

Click here for the full NY Times Renters Column story.

Hudson Related is the private developer of the Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Park affordable housing building. 

Last November, before residents started to move in, Related Companies representative Jamar Adams gave a tour of the building.

Over 77 thousand applications were sent in for the 313 available units.

Mr Adams has recently started his own firm to build affordable housing.


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