Roosevelt Islander Online: NYC Democratic Party Mayoral Nominee Eric Adams And City Council District 5 Nominee Julie Menin Hold Get Out The Vote Rally Yesterday In Carl Schurz Park Across East River From Roosevelt Island

NYC Election day for Mayor, City
Council, Public Advocate, Comptroller and Borough President is tomorrow November
2. The Roosevelt Island polling location is at PS/IS 217 (645 Main Street) from
6 am to 9 PM.
A sample ballot is here.

NYC Democratic Party
Mayoral nominee Eric Adams
and NYC Council District 5 (covering Roosevelt Island, Upper East Side and
East Harlem)
Democratic Party Nominee Julie Menin
held a Get Out The Vote campaign rally yesterday afternoon in Carl Schurz park
across the East River from Roosevelt Island. 

Speaking to his supporters, Mr Adams said: 

… We must be safe in our city. 

The prerequisite to prosperity is public safety and justice and they go
together. We don’t have to divide the two. 

We could have a new ecosystem of public safety that would include us all.
The good guys must win and they wear blue uniforms and blue jeans. 

I want people to see that. But I also wanted people to know about my high
income earners those who are demonized. Those 65 000 that pay 51% of our
income taxes. I wanted people to know about their donation to our museums ,
their donation into programs to help fill the gap, their donations to
foundations. Those donations go to the museums and to Broadway and to use
their discretionary dollars to help our community.

We’re not dividing our city. There’s the ecosystem of those who drive the
limousine should be paid good salaries and those who sit in the back of the
limousine should be in this city. That’s what this city is about and that’s
how it becomes a great city… 

… the beauty of diversity, that’s our secret weapon. That is who we are. I
mean this is the only country that does dream attached to it’s name. There’s
no French dream there’s no German dream there’s no Polish dream but there’s
an American dream….

… I am so excited, I was waiting to say just get Julie elected so we could
have a partner. Her competency, we have done so much together throughout the

Here are the full remarks from Mr. Adams

Ms Menin said:

… I cannot tell you how fired up I am about this election, about my
election, about Eric Adams election, about the whole Democratic ticket,
Alvin Brag, Mark Levine the whole ticket. And I’m fired up because we’re the
party of science, we’re the party of facts, we’re the party that is going to
fund our public schools, we’re the party that’s going to build affordable
housing, we’re the party that’s going to make our communities safe and make
sure that we have equal justice and accountability. That is what this party
is about…. 

Now let’s get out and vote.

Local Democratic elected officials came out to support Eric Adams and Julie
Menin yesterday including Senator
Chuck Schumer,
Carolyn Maloney,
Borough President
Gale Brewer, NY
State Senator
Jose Serrano, NY State Assembly Member
Rebecca Seawright
and NYC Council Member
Ben Kallos.

NYC Council District 5 Republican nominee
Mark Foley was
also campaigning at the entrance to Carl Schurz Park.  

According to Mr Foley the number one issue is::

… public safety and police. We support refunding, restoring, reforming and
respecting the police and that’s what’s separating us from my opponent who
promised substantial cuts to the NYPD budget in a substantial not
superficial way. That message doesn’t resonate in this district… 

… I support the vaccine. I do not support a mandate. I think it’s terrible
what’s happening now that these people, these front-line workers who last
year were hailed as heroes are being kicked to the curb fired and they’re
not even allowed to get unemployment and it’s just that’s unconscionable to


 Curtis Sliwa is the Republican Nominee for NYC Mayor.



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