Roosevelt Islander Online: NYC Indoor Dining, Entertainment And Fitness Covid Vaccine Mandate Begins This Week, How Is Compliance On Roosevelt Island So Far

According to this August 16
press release from NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio’s office: 

Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced the Key to NYC
vaccination mandate for indoor dining, entertainment and fitness will start
tomorrow, August 17. Enforcement will begin, with a multi-agency coalition,
on September 13. Read the Executive Order

…“The Key to NYC will unlock many of our favorite activities,” said
Health Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi. “Vaccination makes every
activity safer and this is a common-sense precaution to keep patrons of
gyms, restaurants and indoor entertainment healthy.”…

… Penalties for failure to comply after September 13 start at $1,000 and can reach $5,000 for repeated violators.

NYC Department Of Health

… Starting August 17, people 12 and older will be required to show proof
they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for
emergency use by the FDA or WHO for:

  • Indoor dining

    • Includes restaurants, catering halls, event spaces, hotel banquet
      rooms, bars, nightclubs, cafeterias, grocery stores with indoor
      dining, coffee shops and fast food or quick service with indoor dining
  • Indoor fitness

    • Includes gyms, fitness centers, fitness classes, pools, indoor studios
      and dance studios
  • Indoor entertainment

    • Includes movie theaters, music and concert venues, museums and
      galleries, aquariums and zoos, professional sports arenas, indoor
      stadiums, convention centers, exhibition halls, performing arts
      theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, pool and billiard halls,
      recreational game centers, adult entertainment and indoor play areas

This new requirement — called the Key to NYC — includes bars, fitness gyms,
movie and stage theatres, museums and other indoor venues. Staff at these
locations are also required to be vaccinated.

The highly contagious delta variant is spreading quickly in NYC, and
unvaccinated people are at the most risk for infection, hospitalization and
Learn how you can get vaccinated for free today….

… Proof of vaccination may include:

The Roosevelt Island
Cafe @Cornell Tech
is abiding by the NYC Vaccine mandate for those wishing to eat inside.

But a tipster reports that the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) has not been checking vaccination status this week for those using the
Sportspark pool 

and upon asking the Public Safety Department about the matter, the Tipster was told:

… they didn’t know anything about it…

Last Monday, I asked RIOC:

I’m told Sportspark is not asking for proof of vaccination today?

Why not?

Will they in future?

Does the NYC proof of vaccination apply to rioc facilities?

No response to date from RIOC.

NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer explains to the Washington Post why he supports
the vaccine mandate


We live in different worlds.


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