Roosevelt Islander Online: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Visits Roosevelt Island Last Night To Attend Cornell Tech 10th Anniversary Celebration, Mayor Says He Loves Roosevelt Island, Comes Often And It’s His Sneak Away

NYC Mayor Eric Adams
made his first known visit to Roosevelt Island last evening to attend the
Cornell Tech 10
year anniversary celebration 

former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Cornell University President Martha Pollack, Cornell Tech Dean Greg Morrisett
as well as many others involved in the building and continued development of the

I learned Mayor Adams would be visiting Roosevelt Island for the event the
night before and asked the Mayor’s Office to cover the event because:

His first visit is big news to Roosevelt Island community. 

Will he be taking the Tram to Roosevelt Island?

The Mayor’s Office replied it was a closed press event, meaning no press is
allowed to attend.

I persisted by asking Cornell Tech Dean Greg Morrisett and Assistant Director
of Government/Community Affairs Jane Swanson in an email message if I could
cover this important event of the NYC Mayor visiting Roosevelt Island and:

… What reason could Cornell Tech have for not allowing local press to
cover the NYC Mayor attending this Roosevelt Island event?

Whenever Cornell Tech asks me to promote an event for you, I am always happy
to oblige as part of the obligation to inform the Roosevelt Island

I think Cornell Tech has a similar obligation to the Roosevelt Island
community to allow local press to cover an event that Mayor Adams attends at
Cornell Tech.

Cornell Director Of Communications Adam Conor-Simmons responded that it was
Cornell’s decision to make this a closed press event and they would not allow
me to cover the event for the Roosevelt Island community. Local elected
officials NY State Assembly Member
Rebecca Seawright
and NYC Council Member
Julie Menin were
attending the event and intervened with Cornell asking that I be allowed to
cover the event but Cornell refused their requests as well. 

Assembly Member Seawright and Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg At Cornell
Tech 10th Anniversary Celebration

 According to Assembly Member Seawright:

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Cornell Campus is unquestionably a
news event of Island-wide interest, especially with Mayor Adams and former
Mayor Bloomberg in attendance. I intervened and expressed my strong support
for coverage when I learned Roosevelt Islander Online was excluded from an
event of great interest to the public.

Despite being excluded from covering the event, I did manage to get a
few words from Mayor Adams
as he was getting out of his car walking towards the event entrance and as he
was leaving.

Mayor Adams said that he loves Roosevelt Island, loves Cornell Tech, comes
here often and Roosevelt is his Sneakaway.

I followed up asking the Mayor’s Press Office today: 

I am preparing a story for publication today on Roosevelt Islander Online
about the Mayor’s visit last night.

What does the Mayor mean that Roosevelt Island is his “sneakaway”?

What does the Mayor like about Roosevelt Island that makes it his sneakaway?

How often does the Mayor come to Roosevelt Island?

What does he do?

When was the last time before last night that the Mayor visited Roosevelt

Does he take the Tram, Ferry or drive?

May I have an interview with the Mayor on his next Roosevelt Island

Have not received a reply from the Mayor’s office yet.

This was an important Roosevelt Island public event. It was very disappointing
that Cornell chose to exclude local press from reporting on this event to the
Roosevelt Island community.


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