Roosevelt Islander Online: NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang Visits Roosevelt Island Yesterday, Speaks To Residents And Small Business Owners

As previously reported, NYC Democratic Party Primary Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang visited Roosevelt Island yesterday speaking with residents

and business owners.

                                                                        Andrew Yang Speaking With Nisi Diner Owner Alex Razaghi

Mr Yang was accompanied by Democratic Party Primary 76 Assembly District (includes Roosevelt Island) Leader candidate Esther Yang, who has become a familiar presence on Roosevelt Island campaigning every Saturday at the Farmers Market.

I spoke with Mr Yang as he walked down Main Street on his way from the Nisi Diner

to Piccolo Trattoria

Grannie Annie’s Bar & Kitchen

and then back to Manhattan. I asked Mr Yang why he was running for Mayor, what experience and qualifications does he have to be Mayor and his top 3 priorities should he be elected. 

I also asked:

Roosevelt island is different from other New York City neighborhoods because we’re governed by New York State just like Battery Park City. I wonder if you had any views on maybe returning Roosevelt Island to the City Of New York ?

Mr Yang replied:

Alex just asked me about this and it is a very distinct situation that Roosevelt Island is in with RIOC where you have people who are appointed by the State. 

It’s something I’d love to talk to the folks here in Roosevelt Island about which is one of the biggest issues that you currently encounter with the way that the governance is run at present and is there a way that we can make it so that the community members here who have the most at stake have a say in what happens here on the island so i I’d be really both open to and excited about those kinds of ideas.

Here’s my interview with Mr Yang

and portion of his conversation with Nisi owner Alex Razaghi.

I spoke with Mr Yang on the Roosevelt Island Tram about his visit to Roosevelt

After getting off the Tram, Andrew Yang endorsed Esther Yang for Democratic Party 76 Assembly District Leader.

Throughout his time campaigning on Roosevelt Island, I noticed Mr Yang shaking hands with voters. I asked him about campaign handshakes in the age of Covid 19. Mr Yang replied:

I’ve been vaccinated. Most people have been vaccinated and the data
doesn’t show that it’s physical contact that would be an issue anyway.
But most of it is that my campaign is largely about about bringing
the energy back to New York City. 

About people coming back to
enjoy places like Roosevelt Island, frequenting the small businesses
so I want to lead by example. I want people in New York to know that
the energy is coming back. 

We need change in the city and one
way that we can exemplify that change just by campaigning in a way that
represents what we want New York City to be. 

Some more scenes from Andrew Yang’s campaign visit to Roosevelt Island.

More info about Mr Yang’s campaign available at his web site.

Mr Yang’s opponents in the June 22 Democratic Party Mayoral Primary are:

NYC early voting starts June 12 thru June 20. Roosevelt Island early voting location is at the Sportspark facility, 250 Main Street.

This year, NYC has ranked choice voting. This is how it works.

Hopefully more NYC Mayoral candidates will visit Roosevelt Island to learn about community concerns and needs.


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