Roosevelt Islander Online: NYC Mobil Vaccine Clinic Van Offering Free Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccinations This Week On Roosevelt Island, No Appointment Necessary

New York City Mobil Vaccine Clinic Van  was offering free Roosevelt Island Pfizer Covid 19 vaccinations last week  and returned this week again offering free Pfizer Covid 19 vaccinations. This week the Covid 19 Vaccine Clinic Van is located next to Manhattan Park and the Motorgate Garage (688 Main Street) from 7 AM – 7 PM.

The vaccine clinic van is scheduled to be at the location until Friday, July 2.

According to the
NYC Health Department
Covid Statistics for Roosevelt Island Zip Code 10044, of an estimated population of 11,571:

  • 7727 residents have at least one dose of vaccination (66.2%)
  • 7267 residents fully vaccinated (62.26%)

The most recent 7 Day Covid Testing Data from June 21-77 for Roosevelt Island Zip Code 10044 shows 222 people tested and zero positive cases for a rate of 0%

The NYC Health Department neighborhood Covid Data Profile for Roosevelt Island zip code 10044 shows a total of 574 cases and 40 deaths.


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