Roosevelt Islander Online: Post Covid Restoration Phase Has Begun For New York Public Library Roosevelt Island Branch Says Manager Carlos Chavez, Indoor Seating, Children’s And Community Rooms Open, Computers Are Back, Photocopying, Upcoming Programs And Air Conditioning Too

 NYPL Roosevelt Island Branch
Manager Carlos Chavez reported yesterday:

… we are fully open to the community. Patrons can now stay at the library as
long as they want during our hours of operation. All computers are now
available including laptops. Our photocopier is back in service and so is our
community room. 

Roosevelt Island library
hours are currently Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 5 PM. 

I spoke with Mr Chavez yesterday about the restoration of
NYPL Roosevelt Island branch
services. According to Mr Chavez:

Greetings Roosevelt Islanders 

I have very good new s for everyone. We have finally entered what is known
as the restoration phase at the Roosevelt Island library and what that means
is that we are almost fully open to the community and these are the new
services that we are offering in the restoration phase.

Indoor seating so you will see all our furniture is set up along the main
area of the library as well as the children’s room which is all the way in
the back. Patrons can stay at the library as long as they want during our
hours of operation. 

All our computers are back in service that includes desktops and laptops.
You can reserve them with your library card. We also have photocopying
services and scanning services available and our community room is also back
in service so later this month we will be having programs at the library…

NYPL Roosevelt Island branch events include:

Roosevelt Island Public Library
is also air conditioned 

and is a Cooling Center during hot weather like today.

The outdoor space adjacent to the
Roosevelt Island library branch
is controlled by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC).

Yesterday, I asked RIOC Public Information Officer Amy Smith:

The Roosevelt Island Library begins restoration of full service today.

It would be great if library patrons could also use the outdoor space
adjacent to the Library that RIOC had previously said would start
renovations in May.

If renovations are not going to be done this summer, is it possible for RIOC
to clean up the outdoor space, put out a few tables and chairs and let the
Library patrons use the outdoor space?

Or wait until later in year to start renovations?

Any comment from RIOC?

Ms Smith replied answered today: 

Great suggestions. I would recommend utilizing our


system which is the best and most efficient way to have action taken on
your recommendations and suggestions. You may also use the
Speak Up
form on our website which will allow your recommendations and suggestions
to be heard at the next Board meeting.

Please do let me know if there’s any other information I’m able to provide.

I replied: 

What is the current status of plans to renovate the outdoor area next to
Public Library?

If work is not planned for the summer, will RIOC clean it up and put
chairs and tables out so library patrons can use it.


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