Roosevelt Islander Online: RIOC Approves $11 Million Renovation Of 56,000 Sq Ft Roosevelt Island Sportspark Recreation Facility Beginning This Summer, New Locker Rooms, Mechanical Equipment, Gym Flooring, Weight Room, Adminstrative Office & More

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) reported today:

Please be advised that mobilization will begin in late April for the highly anticipated renovations on the Sportspark facility. The renovations will include the installation of energy-efficient systems, the addition of a fitness center, a multi-purpose meeting and event space, as well as upgrades to the gymnasium, locker rooms, and building façade. Please note that the work will be completed in phases, with regular updates to the community on the progress of the project.

The $11 million Sportspark recreation facility

renovation plan was approved during the March 16, 2021 RIOC Board of
Directors meeting (video of meeting here).  

According to this March 11 memo excerpt from Project Coordinator Michelle Edwards to
RIOC President Shelton Haynes in support of the Sportspark Renovation Project
award for construction to Vanguard Construction & Development Co:

Sportspark is a state-provided recreation facility that serves Roosevelt
Island and the community. The Sportspark Building consists of two floors and
is approximately 56,000 gross square feet. After 40 years of use, the facility
is in need of infrastructure and general renovations to accommodate current
and future programming and operational needs. 

The Sportspark Renovation project entails demolition and removal of existing
mechanical, electric, and plumbing (“MEP”) infrastructure serving the East and
West portion of the facility; and the installation of two new HVAC units and
new ductwork in the Eastside pool area. In addition to this, installation air
handling units will also be installed, as well as unit heaters, among other
renovations on the east and west side locker rooms. Steel dunnage will be done
for HVAC on the roof; and upgrades to the fire alarm, and a BMS system, will
also be installed in the facility. 

For Sportspark, architectural upgrades include reconfiguring locker rooms,
upgrades to finishes, and new light fixtures on the East and West Side. Work
on the Westside consists of a new administration office, new reception area,
new weight room, a renovated multipurpose room for the second floor, and new
gym flooring. Finally, upgrades will be made to the main Westside entrance
with a new curtain wall and exterior cladding with “Sportspark” signage….


… RIOC Capital Planning and Projects recommends – subject to the
satisfaction of all contracting requirements, that the Board of Directors authorize and approve
entering into contract with Vanguard Construction & Development Co., Inc. for providing construction
services for the Sportspark Renovation Multiphase Project for a total amount
of $ 9,931,152.00 with a 20% contingency of $1,986,230.40, bringing the total
authorized not-to exceed amount to $11,917,382.40.

RIOC Chief Financial Officer John O’Reilly reported to the RIOC Board Directors during the March 16 meeting that the Sportspark renovation work timeline will be done is separate phases starting from the west side of the building beginning with the lobby and then to the east side pool. The Gym will close for the summer and reopen in September.The Sportspark Pool 

will remain open throughout the summer and then close for renovation which is expected to be completed by spring 2022.

Mr O’Reilly added that a new gym floor will be placed on top of the existing gym floor instead of repairing the existing damaged floor in order to avoid:

… an environmental issue. The glue that was used to put the floor down back in the day is now no longer used because of environmental issues. So what we are going to do is similar to what we did in Southpoint Park. We’re going to cap it and lay a new floor over the top of it so we don’t have to take the floor up and deal with the environmental hazard of the glue issue that’s on the bottom of the floor….

Here’s the discussion of Sportspark

RIOC Board Meeting – March 16, 2021
from Diva Communications on

renovation timeline.


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