Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Activists Joyce Short and Ellen Polivy Revive FDR’s Fireside Chats For Series Of Interviews With Political Candidates This Election Cycle Starting March 15 With Tricia Shimamura And March 17 With Julie Menin

Roosevelt Island residents Joyce Short and Ellen Polivy report: 

Announcing PEG’s Fireside Chats with Candidates

Joyce Short and Ellen Polivy, two long-time Roosevelt Island activists,
founded the Political Engagement Group (PEG) in order to revive Franklin
Delano Roosevelt’s concept of “Fireside Chats,” right here on Roosevelt
Island. Their aim is to provide voters on the Upper Eastside and Roosevelt
Island with a personal view of the people, their platforms, and their
interests in our communities, in order to help their neighbors make
enlightened decisions when they cast their votes on June 22nd.

“What better place to recreate FDR’s concept that began 88 years ago, almost
to the very day we’ll begin; Monday, March 15th at 8:00 PM,” said Joyce
Short. “We’ll be interviewing candidates each Monday and Wednesday evening,
at either 7:30 or 8 PM, for Mayor, Borough President, District Attorney,
City Council, and Democratic District Leader. Our first interview will be
Tricia Shimamura,
candidate for City Council Representative. On Wednesday, 3/17, at 7:30 PM,
our guest will be
Julie Menin, also
a City Council candidate.”
Each interview will be broadcast on Zoom and
Facebook live. They will each be recorded and posted on the “PEG Fireside Chat” You Tube
channel. To participate, simply request the Zoom link by emailing Joyce at
[email protected]. Participants
will be able to ask questions on the Zoom chat, and in person if time
permits. Sessions are estimated to last 40 minutes. 
Starting this week meet these candidates for City Council

TRICIA SHIMAMURA, Monday, March 15 at 8pm
JULIE MENIN, Tuesday, March 17 at 7:30 pm

RSVP for the full schedule and zoom links:
[email protected]

and Ms Menin

while they were campaigning at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.

Mark your calendar – upcoming PEG Fireside Chats include:


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