Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 3233 Challenges You To Discover And Decode Hidden STEM Kindness Rocks Planted Monday April 5

Roosevelt Island Girls Scout Brownie Troop 3233 Leaders Susy del Campo and  Fay Christian report:

Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 3233 are inviting all Roosevelt Island Community to
participate in our project, which is fun, exciting, a mystery, safe and STEM

Our troop will be planting STEM Kindness Rocks, that we call “Port Key

all around the Island. We call them Port Keys because each of them is unique
and each has a code that needs to be cracked or decoded to reveal what we want
to transmit to our community, and because they will transport you to a
place full of love, kindness, respect and where you will feel happy.

Our Girl Scout Brownies created together the Port Key Rock Decoder, seen

that you will need to decode our rocks. Are you ready?

The Port Key Rocks will be planted this Monday April 5th in the afternoon. We
encourage all to participate finding as many rocks you can, decoding them and
then you can email us pictures to
[email protected]
or use hashtag #ritroop3233 on Instagram.

We ask that you leave the rocks where you find them, so more children, teens
and adults have an opportunity to find one and try their STEM abilities. We
are planting 40-43 Port Key Rocks.

Why we are doing this? This is a Take Action Project for our community, so the
Brownies can complete their “Think Like a Programmer” series, which they have
been working on online with a Harry Potter theme for the past 4 weeks. 

Girl Scouts is much more than selling cookies. 


For the past 2 years, Troop 3233 has been working smart, hard and with a smile to make an impact in our
community. We:

  • have been hostess for the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose”
    annual event organized by iDig2Learn, 
  • hosted a candy station for RI Outdoors
    Halloween 2021, 
  • hosted a fundraiser for the Australian Bushfires relief for
    impacted Girl Guides, 
  • provided reusable bags for patrons of Wholesome
    Factory (plastic bag ban), 
  • ecognized the efforts of 45+ volunteers of
    RIDA’s Food Pantry with a handmade present, 
  • and have been holding on-line
    Girl Scouts meetings doing a lot of STEM projects for over 1 year.

We invite you all to help us keep going strong. Our troop still needs 313
cookie boxes to be sold to reach our goal this year. You always need more Thin
Mints and Samoas in your fridge. 



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