Earl Carr grew up on
Roosevelt Island as a child in the 1980’s until he left for college and still
has family living on Roosevelt Island. 

Mr Carr is the editor of
“From Trump to Biden and Beyond: Reimagining US-China Relations”
published by Palgrave-Macmillan Press in September of 2021. 

Last January 25, Mr Carr discussed his book in a Zoom Conversation presented by the
NY Public Library Roosevelt Island branch
that was moderated by local pediatrician
Doctor Kathy Grimm.

As is the case with many, many Roosevelt Island children over the past 35
years, Mr Carr was a patient of Doctor Grimm’s.

Here’s Mr Carr’s Roosevelt Island NY Public Library presentation of
“From Trump to Biden and Beyond: Reimagining US-China Relations”.

Mr Carr is: 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CJPA Global Advisors. Based in New York
he manages a multidisciplinary team of global research analysts, software
engineers, marketing specialists, geopolitical analysts, and media
professionals to guide the firm’s global thought leadership, client advisory
practice, and cross-border venture capital mandate.
He can be reached here.

Mr Carr adds:

In 1981, my parents moved our family (me, my younger Lisa, and my two older
sisters Carolyn and Linda) to Roosevelt Island when I was three years old. At
the time my father Dr. Earl A. Carr Sr. was representing Jamaica at The UN
Security Council as one of the rotating members. At the time we lived on the
13 floor in Island House and Kofi Annan and his wife and daughter Nina lived
on the 9th floor and my sisters Linda and Carolyn would often hang out with
Nina and go to Blackwell park together. Kofi Annan would later become
Secretary-General to The United Nations but would remember our conversations

In many ways, growing up on Roosevelt Island and the indelible memories I have
of playing tennis outdoors with Tennis coach Joyce Mincheff and The New York
Junior Tennis League (NYJTL) or in the tennis bubble, or having BBQ’s at the
lighthouse was the best one could have as a child. It is truly a privilege to
have been raised on “The Island” as we would call it back in the day. In
hindsight, I find it fascinating that I learned how to read and write on
Roosevelt Island and would later utilize the foundations of those skills to
write my first edited book volume,
“From Trump to Biden and Beyond: Reimagining US-China Relations”
published by Palgrave-Macmillan Press in September of 2021. 

In sum, if you were to ask me why did I write this edited book volume, I would
say that The US and China is the most important bilateral relationship in the
world. If you look at the history of US-China relations it has always been
defined by Cooperation and Competition. However when the US and China cannot
forge a constructive relationship then American businesses suffer, US farmers
are negatively impacted when there is a trade war, and American and Chinese
students are impacted in their ability to study abroad. At the same time, US
educational institutions are impacted as well as American employers in
educating and retaining the best talent for employees are also critically
impacted. Our globalized and interdependent ecosystems should and must require
the free flow of goods, services, people, and capital. I hope that this edited
book volume can serve to help educate and enable people to have a more
informed view on China and US-China relations, as opposed to viewing China as
an existential threat which is how it is often depicted in the media. Yes The
US and China have different economic and political systems and some would even
argue values as well however that should not deter the US and China from
continually striving to find ways to cooperate, engage, learn from, and at
times disagree with each other. We must recognize that solving differences
between the US and China in a peaceful manner is the solution because any kind
of military confrontation would be catastrophic for both nations and the
global community. Our generation and future generations are depending on

February 1st was Chinese new year, the most important traditional festival
celebrated by millions of Chinese all over the world. As I reflect on growing
up on Roosevelt Island, observing how the demographics on the island have
evolved- going from a small Asian community to now having a significant Asian
and in particular a growing Chinese community, it would behoove The United
States and Americans to remember the words of Napoleon, who wrote, “Let China
Sleep, For When She Wakes, She Will Shake The World.” China (中国)which
literally in Chinese translates into the “Middle Kingdom” or the center of the
world, has and will continue to rise in global influence and thus the US will
need to redefine and reimagine relations with China to better meet the
challenges of the future global order. 

Mr Carr also discussed his book,
“From Trump to Biden and Beyond: Reimagining US-China Relations, in a presentation to the National Committee On US-China Relations.

 More info on Mr Carr here.


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