Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Parent Disgusted At Broken Beer Bottles And Cigarette Butts Everywhere At Grandpa Al Lewis Playground

The Grandpa Al Lewis Playground at Capobianco Park across the street from PS/IS

is a popular spot for Roosevelt Island families and young children.

Apparently it is also popular with evening beer drinkers and smokers. A Roosevelt
Island parent reported yesterday 

First off thanks for everything you do with the blog. It’s a huge asset for the residents of Roosevelt Island.

This morning I took my children to Al Lewis Playground and was disgusted to
see broken beer bottles 

and cigarette butts everywhere.

Wanted to bring it to your
attention. Thanks again. 

I forwarded info on to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC).

The children’s playground was named after long time Roosevelt Island resident Al Lewis who played Grandpa Munster on the 1960’s TV Program.

More info on Grandpa Al Lewis

at this previous post.


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