Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Resident Tik Tok Viral Video Sensation Is Guest On Ellen DeGeneres Show Today

As reported earlier this week, Roosevelt Island resident
Samantha Hartsoe
became an internet sensation when her
Tik Tok videos
went viral showing what appears to be a mysterious apartment hidden behind her
Roosevelt Landings bathroom mirror. We followed Ms Hartsoe on video as she crawled through the hole behind her
bathroom mirror and discovered an empty apartment.

Today, Ms Hartsoe appeared on the
Ellen show
and explained what happened. At the end of the interview, Ellen DeGeneres
surprised our Roosevelt Island neighbor with a gift of a new bathroom vanity
and $10 Thousand.

Watch the interview.

What’s the deal with the mystery apartment behind her bathroom mirror?
According to a  Roosevelt Landings building spokesperson:

The apartment abutting Ms. Hartsoe’s bathroom is being renovated, and the
opening she found was created during that renovation work. Yesterday, our
building staff closed the opening. Our staff reached out to Ms. Hartsoe and
her roommates today to address any additional concerns they may have and is
awaiting their response


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