Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Resident Unable To Get Monthly Parking Spot At Motorgate Garage, Shocked To Learn There Is Waiting List

A Roosevelt Island resident asks:

As a new resident of Roosevelt Island I was shocked to learn of the wait list
for monthly parking spaces at the only garage on the island. Is this an area
that is being addressed? I understand the concern to keep the amount of cars
on the island to a minimum but offering parking to local residence should be a
priority for the community. 

 I have never seen the garage full so I am curious who we need to contact
to open up more spaces for residents who should be the priority for parking.
As a person with a disability transportation is key and having to park off the
island is not something that is sustainable. I wish I knew this was going to
be an issue prior to moving to the island. Now with the new hotel, I am sure
that parking will be an even bigger issue. 

I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Information Officer Amy
Smith if there was a waiting list for monthly Motorgate parking garage spots

…How many parking spots are in Motorgate and how many are available on a
monthly basis?

Has anything happened to reduce the amount of monthly parking spots?

Ms Smith answered:

While the construction performed improved Motorgate Garage from a safety
standpoint by expanding disabled spots and adding safety zones on each
floor, as well as corrected structural damage like leaks and waterproofed
surfaces, it was never meant to expand the garage.

These improvements, combined with an increased number of residents opting to
drive rather than take public transportation due to COVID-19, as well as a
general increase in Roosevelt Island residents, has given way to a wait list
for a spot in Motorgate Garage. 

A Motorgate Parking staffer said there are at least 200 people on the
monthly parking waiting list and no idea when more spaces would become available but there are daily parking spots available.

As previously reported, RIOC has reserved 4 very scarce Main Street parking spots

for itself during weekday business hours despite the outrage of many community members.


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